Bored Marine Video: A new use for the Marine Corps running suit


Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me pleasure to roll out a new feature on Battle Rattle today that we’ll try to keep up to date each Friday.

It’s… drum roll… the Bored Marine Video of the Week.

We’re not saying you need to like these videos. Readers may find them funny, stupid, entertaining or lame. One thing is for sure, though: They’ll definitely spark conversation. With that, here’s this week’s video:


Wait, is that the Marine Corps’ still relatively new running suit in action? In a music video? Featuring “Everybody,” a 1997 song by the Backstreet Boys? Egad.

For what it’s worth, this video was posted to YouTube last July, making it about a year old. It was shot at Fort Leonard Wood, which provides engineer equipment, motor transport, military police, chemical biological radiological nuclear defense and non-lethal weapons systems training.

I leave it to you, friends: On a scale of 1 to awful, how bad is this?


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  1. Mario Rodriguez on

    It’s bad yes but ok. Every once in a while you have to have some fun and look ridiculous; it makes it funnier. As for them being boots; shoot, everybody was a boot at one time. It would be somewhat a tad bit more idiotic for me at my age, 29yr, to do this. However, I just got youtube’d by my daughter, 12yr, singing the song Train – Soul Sister but didn’t know the words. I was singing it and driving; yea, looked ridiculous but all in good fun.

  2. ROFLMAO!!! They may be Boots and not be choreographed but they are great … and more important – having fun too!!

    Oh and it is bad 😉

  3. Tim McCallister on

    What the heck! They’re just young guys having fun. How many of those of us who are parents have laughed at teenagers dancing at high school proms? Not one of those boys can be more than 18 and just because they’ve chosen to serve their country in the Corps, doesn’t mean they’re no longer reflective of their roots. Wale up.

  4. NJP these fools this is a disgrace boots not wearing the uniform the right way they think that its a game until they get blown up or shot at then they want to cry

  5. Oh my…I am just catching up here. On a scale of 1 to awful…how about ‘ewww!’ lol. Actually with the wait time at FLW for some of those schools, I would expect TONS of videos coming out of there!

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