Bored Marine Video: The Marines of MALS-31 do 'Jackass'


For weeks, we’ve been posting bored Marine videos on Friday. One stated goal is to find material that has not been widely viewed, things that are worthy of your time and interest. In the absence of that, another goal is to find material that keeps it clean, but stands out for its originality and creativity — or at the very least, it’s stupidity.

Friends, this week’s video raises the bar in all those regards.

This is what happens when dedicated Marines take it upon themselves to mimick ‘Jackass,’ the MTV show that gave rise to what will soon be a third full-length motion picture and a legion of fans who love gross humor, pranks and slapstick comedy. It is nearly 10 minutes long, and features members of Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31, based out of Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, S.C., according to the YouTube page on which the video is posted. Several of the participants are officers.

A small warning: For those not familiar with ‘Jackass,’ the humor is certainly, uh, childish, and includes maybe one or two mild curse words along the way. The video also includes vomiting and a few shots of Wild Turkey consumed by full-grown adults:


Wow, that was really… something. I believe my favorite part was watching the reactions of people in the Wal-Mart parking lot, but to each their own.

Additionally: Friends don’t let friends attempt to drink a gallon of milk in one sitting. It’s something most of us red-blooded American males left behind in high school, for fear of the consequences.


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  1. although i would find this funny. I am appaled that officers and the airwing in general can get away with this crap. when those of us enlisted ground pounders would be brought up on charges for this same behavior. but i guess its alright as long as you have a college degree and brass on your collar.

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  3. I would expect this from LCpl’s and PFC’s. But officers? I guess being a ground pounder has it’s benefits–not being led by immature officers.

  4. Are you freakin” kidding me!!!!!!! As an Officer of Marines I am appauled at this. I am not saying I have never done anything crazy before, but I am smart enough to not record it and have it published for everyone to see. Leadership by example, guess we forgot about that? Everyone of these “Officers” should be embarrassed and held accountable. This an embarrassment to the Officer ranks. How in the hell can you watch a fellow Marine, let alone an Officer, run through various public places in his boxers and a cranial and not find something to be wrong with it? Then we wonder why our junior Marines act like they do sometimes. How can you hold them accountable if you are doing the same idiotic stuff? Amazing………..

  5. Marine Mother on

    These officers are in charge of my enlisted son? I still can’t believe they are college graduates. I have a great respect for marines, but this is shameful coming from officers. If it were enlisted there would be hell to pay.

  6. As a SR Enlisted Marine, I think it’s great to have a scense of humor, especially in this day and age. Anyone bashing this video, or the people who performed in this, has none. Dont be too proud! Who are you to jude anyway? People seem to forget that “jackass” is a franchise and nothing more. I think every one invloved performed great, and this video is definatley worth seeing. I am of the opinion that People who complain about this vid, well, it’s people like you that take the fun and humanity out of the Marine Corps. I feel sorry that you lead such boreing lives…..Great Job on the video Marines!

  7. John Stakeman on

    Maybe these officers should focus on taking care of their Marines instead of this type of jack-assery. Lead from the front—not from a shopping cart being rammed into a quadcon.

  8. Disagree. I too, think that the creativity was funny, and Marines respond in a positive manner to things like this. Good for those who put this together. Marines respect leaders who can relate to them, not ones who walk around with their heads up their rear ends……

  9. SSgt Watts, Thomas on

    I am all for some humor, and have done some dumb things a time or two, but don’t publicly disgrace the uniform so many have worn with distinction — “leader” or not. I’m thankful those field grade officers appointed over me can’t be found on youtube performing actions fit for a frat boy — but then again, it’s the airwing! Ductus exemplo.

  10. Thats part of the problem right there. Compareing the airwing to the groundside. The Airwing works it’s butt off, and is full of outstanding marines who can perform well not only in their MOS, but also well at any ground level. I think this video was done with taste, and class. Not to offend anyone or discrace the uniform. This could have been done with a bunch of enlisted, and would have been just a tasteful. We should not be bashing each other, becuase when it comes down to it, we’re all in the fight together. It’s funny, and something to say to yourself, ok, that was funny, now lets get back to work.

  11. If this was being kept within the unit, that’s fine. If this was being kept within the officer ranks of that unit, for say a mess night, even better. There’s a time and a place to act like a jackass, and that goes for all ranks. But to post this on a website that broadcasts the Marine Corps’ image to millions of viewers, civilians, sister-service members, etc is not only a (severe) lack of professionalism on the part of those involved in the video, but also those working for Marine Corps Times Online who decided to endorse and broadcast it. I myself am an officer serving in the wing, and nowhere that I’ve been is this going on either on-camera or off. In regards to the video, if there were good intentions going into the making, it’s hard to see what they were. I’m all about having a good time, but this is just embarrassing.

  12. John Y Ssgt. Ret. on

    This should have never been allowed to the puplic. If the ones who are to lead us into battle act as fools then why not the enlisted to the same? They will do the same thing and be brought up on chrages, yet these men will walk around with their heads high. I never did nor can I respect the show of jackass. I can understand fun but this is not my line of fun. Showing how the service has been cut down with a man loaded onto a jet like a rocket I see as funny. There was more. As for those who do see it as fun need some adjustments.
    I hope whom ever does the fit rep for these men marks them very low and all promotions have ended fo r now that the find other employment other than the USMC.

  13. This is pretty outrageous. These are officers of United States Marines…regardless of their being air wing, they ought to be examples for their men. The fact that captains and majors are in this video screwing around on YouTube is nuts. I could see a bunch of boot lieutenants doing this (but then not posting the video) — but majors? Really?

  14. Please take this video down. It was never intended to be posted to the web, but used for an officers mess night. It was also made before youtube existed. It looks like it was posted by someone in the Navy.

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