Bored Marine Video: Moonwalking makes its way to Marjah


Here’s the lesson of the day: If you want to end up featured on Bored Marine Video, location is key.

Sure, a good video can be recorded anywhere. Marines get extra points, though, when they record it somewhere austere — say, Marjah, the former Taliban stronghold where Marines still regularly tangle with insurgents.

With that, we give you a rubber-legged infantry grunt performing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” I bet that’s the first time the song has ever been performed in a dirty FROG suit.


Any help that can be provided in identifying this dancing star gets extra points. The likelihood is that he was deployed either with 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, or 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, since the two units have returned to Camp Lejeune, N.C., from deployments in Marjah within the last few months.


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  1. Haha! He is good! He’s even got the Ash-can-istan version of moon dust to work with!! LOL!
    And don’t worry Victoria, lots of folks say the same thing, but be advised that Marines get kinda crabby when you call them soldiers. And vice-versa I’m sure. 😀
    Im’ pretty sure he wasn’t in my son’s platoon with 3/6 Lima. That doesn’t look anything like the compund I’ve seen many pictures of.

  2. John Y Ssgt. Ret. on

    He done real good, I’d rather see this sort of thing than some of the trash from before. As for saying who it is I’d almost say no one will take a chance because trouble often soon follows.

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  4. Victoria, lots of people (including the news media) make that mistake – please don’t go away, as we’re glad to have you here. Fifty years ago, when I was an active duty corporal at Camp Pendleton, folks were making that same mistake, and it wasn’t a big deal to me. Even 50 years ago, I couldn’t move like L/Cpl Diagle!

  5. Wow, there is not enough words to adequately describe that Marine’s dancing skills. All I can say in respect is,
    OOOHHHHRRRAAAHHHH!!!! He is really good, and in the dust and rocks too, I say Michael Jackson had nothing on this guy. Go Jarhead!

  6. Scots_Lass_Chrissy on

    Thank You for sharing this, Maximum Respect to that Marine, he made it look so easy, loved it. Take Care, Remain Safe, God Bless you all xxx

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