Toys for Tots Marine gets shanked on Black Friday


This is how the store manager, Orvin Smith, tells it in the Augusta Chronicle.

Cpl. Phillip Duggan, 24, was stabbed in the back around 1:15 pm Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, as he and three other Marines in their dress blues collected festive holiday gift items for the Toys for Tots program in front of the Best Buy store in Augusta, Ga.

Surveillance cameras caught a shoplifter stuffing a laptop under his coat and when he was approached by store clerks to drop it, a scuffle ensued. The robber let go of the laptop then ran toward the front door. On the way out he brandished a knife.

He hadn’t counted on the Marines.

The Marines, Smith said, “clotheslined him, and after that he kind up got up and started swinging a knife around. He stabbed one of the gentlemen in the back. It wasn’t a severe cut, probably a couple of stitches at the most. After that, they subdued him and we held him down until the cops came.”

Duggan pulled the man down the ground, Gunnery Sgt. Robert Ritchie says in the story, “the guy had a knife and came over the top and got Duggan in the back.”

Duggan, says Gunnery Sgt. Sherry Barrera, had joined the Reserve unit three months ago.

According to the Chronicle story, Duggan’s wound is not believed to be life-threatening.


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    another job well done by A MARINE. good to know he;s ok
    these bad guys should keep in mind ..they would be safer to walk though a lions den with a steak on their neck then mess with a MARINE

  2. my husband is a Marine, and its very true, i do feel much safer when he is around… 😉 Thankfully this Marine wasnt hurt too bad…still bad, but not life threatening….semper fi

  3. Fran Imbasciani on

    All I can say is Mess with the best you die like the rest!!!! Way to go always ever ready and ever strong!! Godspeed to the injured hero!!!

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