2-star general: Taliban leader left Afghanistan 'dressed as a woman'


Maj. Gen. Richard Mills, right, salutes this year during a ceremony at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. (Marine Corps photo)

Never let it be said that the Marine Corps likes missing handing out a good slap in the face for their enemies.

During a press conference conducted today from Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, Maj. Gen. Richard Mills shared a fun little anecdote about a senior Taliban leader Marine forces have been tracking. Speaking about the plans his forces have this winter, he said the Marines will put on a “full-court press… at a time that has traditionally been a little slower” in terms of combat operations.

“We can take advantage of that weakness as his numbers decline and his leadership goes to Pakistan,” Mills said. “My [Taliban] counterpart, for instance, left the province recently dressed as a woman. We intend to take advantage of that lack of leadership to press home our efforts to, again, change the battlefield by spring.”

Was it really necessary to mention that the Taliban leader left dressed as a woman? Well… why not?


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