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Have you heard rumors the Corps is planning to cancel housing allowance for sergeants and below, and order all those Marines to move back into the barracks? Last week, a Marine Corps Times reader leaked us a copy of the unsigned MARADMIN detailing how the plan would work. We went to HQMC, which released this statement:

The MARADMIN was a working draft.  It was drafted as part of a pre-decisional informational package for the Marine Corps to understand and evaluate the possibility of modifying current policy regarding BAH (“own right”) for sergeants and below.  After careful consideration, the Marine Corps decided NOT to alter the policy at this time and there is no intent to do so for the foreseeable future.”

That’s not the whole story, however. The Corps is planning to crackdown on the number of single NCOs and junior Marines allowed to move off base. We tell you all about it in this week’s print edition, on newsstands now.

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  1. SGT Daniel Thomas on

    Just another example of how the USMC persecutes single people. I have been in the military a long time, and I find it funny that the corps treats single marines as second class marines. Are 18 and 19 year olds who are married more responsible than single 25 to 30 year olds. Only in the marine corps would the answer be yes. Good luck trying to tell that to the USMC leadership. It is no wonder contract marriages are so popular. When the system punishes the honest marine, the dishonest ones prevail. So much for the core value of honor.

  2. I received bah on right and now i hear all this about forcing us to move back. and dont worry they say…well pay to put your shit in storage!!! of all the places in the budget you choose to slash at single NCOS the “backbone” of the corps. oohrahh lcpl smuckatelly with a fat lazy wife and 3 kids who is always late to morning formation cuz he lives off base!!! what a joke, if i have to move back i might just get out. its that bad.

  3. It’s funny how the single NCO’s are quick to jump and be pissed off about having to move back in. Single e-5’s and below aren’t supposed to be living off base anyways according to the original order and if they can’t handle that maybe they shouldn’t be in the Corps. The Corps isn’t about comfort or luxuries last time I checked… If bringing the back to the BRKS is what’s going to help the USMC budget than do it!

  4. Sgt, Santiago, which “original” order would that be? Did you actually READ it or is this just “hearsay” for you? The REAL, EXISTING Marine Corps Order states that single NCO’s ARE permitted to live off base if the following conditions are met:

    No adequate military quarters are provided


    Barracks occupancy is above 90% AND there is no immediate need for the Sergeant, and in some cases, the Corporal to reside in the barracks.

    Here’s the order you obviously DIDN’T read. Get familiar with it, then comment. MCO P11000.22

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