Did Soulja Boy diss the troops, or not?


Soulja Boy, under fire. (Associated Press photo)

Did he do it, or not?

I think that’s a fair question to ask today, as a viral video of rapper Soulja Boy’s supposed newest song rockets around the Internet.

As many blogs have noted, a video of the song “Let’s Be Real” appeared online earlier this week. We can debate the musical merit until we’re blue in the face. It’s the lyrics that have many service members and military supporters up in arms:

F— the FBI and the Army troops

Fighting for what?

B—-, be your own man

I’ll be flying through the clouds

With green like I’m Peter Pan

Based on the video I linked to above, that sure appears to be Soulja Boy. However, the rapper has yet to mention it on any of his social networking sites, something he uses religiously. That means he’s either feeling the heat now that his lyrics are under fire, or he’s the victim (very small chance, here) of some kind of terrible Internet hoax.

If it is Soulja Boy, the irony here would be massive. He became popular in large part because of YouTube and other Internet sites — the exact way that his apparent disdain for military service came to light.

I think it’s safe to say Marines won’t be dancing to “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball again this year.


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  1. Yeah I’d say that is an insult.

    Sorry if joining the Marines doesn’t qualify me as being “my own man”. The draft ended a long time ago… and I made the choice to enlist.

    From quick look over of his history apparently the only thing he has known is being a rapper. Congrats but maybe before he starts going on some rant about “F the troops” he should probably have some real life experience first.

  2. What an insult. For someone who goes around toting the name “Soulja Boy”, maybe he ought to re-think his use of the name, regardless of what his intentions were behind playing on the word Soldier. Perhaps B—- Boy would suit him better? If he wants to talk about being your own man, maybe he should stop trying to follow suit of his fellow rappers with their lengthy criminal wrap sheets and do something productive outside of spewing self-righteous lyrics, and oh, running from the cops like a pansy.

  3. I’m so disappointed in what has gone to peoples heads these days, from protesting military funerals to now soulja boy singing about this…its horrible. My dad hs served for 26 years in the Army and still is serving and my grandpa was a Marine almost all his life, this dude has no idea what he’s talking about, the stress and the things these yound men and women go through everyday so he can say the crap he said. He probably isn’t taking claim of this song because he sees how much of a negative response its getting. I really hope he pays for what he said. On a higher note an awesome group of soldiers overseas wrote and produced a comeback rap towards Soulja Boy and it is very very clever and sounds amazing.


    Support our troops

  4. Don’t buy his music? You think it’s as simple as that you twat? This disgrace of a human being just insulted every soldier, sailor, and airmen that has EVER served his/her country in a time of war. And you think it’s as simple as not buying his music you peace lovin’ beatnik? You should burn in hell same as this fucktard. Hell, you’re probably one of those little chode strokers that clicked like on his music video whenever it was posted sayin’ f the troops. Keep your mouth shut. Bitch boy needs to walk into a bullet shot by one of those men he’s telling to “be their own man”.

  5. Not like he shoots Iraqi civilians or anything… Obviously, this is someone that has deployed and has truly been exposed to violence. It’s good to know though that people are easily influenced over whatever media tells them. Especially when they are so sure to post something they have no concept of. Grass eaters just like sheep, like to follow the mob. Things won’t always be, history has shown that. When change comes, and change will come, it will be the meat eaters that will inherit the earth just as they have always done. So you go on and graze little sheep, us wolves will get to you soon enough and you won’t even see it coming.

  6. John T. Savage on

    Yes, the men who have nothing to say aside from spreading delusions and nonsense feel sanctified to call names.

    Answer me this: Why was the civilian dead in Iraq and Afghanistan reported up until about 2006? Did our fearless leaders of the time not want the number to tip one million?

    Keep the good fight, gentlemen. The world is much better for your efforts.

  7. I can not believe he said that. Fk him! I support our troops fully. A big thank you to everyone who has served and is serving our country! God bless ya’ll!!!!

  8. Fuck soldier boy. I always new he was garbage. Now everyone knows it. Ill beat thus dude and his killers with my kids stuffed animals, he’s bitch made. Ps im in the army.

  9. ohh everybody will take anything and run with it…

    everyone’s pissed because of him expressing his freedom of speech..

    not everyone in the world has to like the military.. get over it! he kept it real..

  10. To the guy who said to not buy his music… Yeah don’t worry no one was buying it before this anyway. 20 bucks says he did this to get his ass some publicity, maybe then

  11. Whoops accidentally submitted my response before I finished. Anyway as I was saying maybe he did this so People would actually pay attention to him

  12. His music is garbage. Always has been..im surprised anyone even heard this song. He’s trying to get attention since his award collection consists of a bejeweled pimp cup. GO SOULJA BOY! Wrong kind of attention, bitch boy. I’d hate for one of our infantry boys to catch you at a concert. BRANG THAT ASS TO IRAQ AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS- BIAP

  13. Miyana Army Girl on


  14. I think he should go “fuck” himself. After all, where does he think he got the “right” to “freedom of speech” in the first place?. What a Moron!!!

  15. It is because of people like us that pansy ass can say things like that. Maybe he should go on the front lines and see what it is like. But then again he might just curl up in a ball and piss himself. Wouldn’t it be ironic if some covert ops went to his house and f ked him up.


  17. Some of you need to hone your grammar and spelling skills.

    ‘Soulja Boy’ has the right to say whatever he wants. He’s a young, foolish civilian who thinks he knows everything. This describes just about every boy in America.

    I rather find it humorous that the military personnel who are into his music, like the Marines dancing in that video, are mostly minorities. They buy into that culture of denigrating women and glorifying street violence. They don’t know refined culture such as classical music.

  18. @amber bean. No offense to you, but he said F the troops, I am a troop. You wouldn’t let someone walking by you down the street tell you F you. To me same thing, but I guess according to you, someone telling you F you walking by you on the street is just exercising their freedom of speech, right?


    God Bless his Soul when on of these “Army Troops” snaps. He might want to take all that “green” that he’s NOT making and get some hard body guards (who are probably OEF/OIF veterans). We al have to understand that his is just exercising his right to ignorance. He will never step foot in any war and watch the amount of bodies that we ship out of here. WHO SELFLESSLY GAVE THEIR LIVES FIGHTING! He will never know what it’s like to talk to your best Soldier then pack their body up in a body bag draped in a flag 2 hours later to go home to their family. But we’re selfish? We do this for ourselves? We kill innocent civilians? We do this so that these ignorant bastards can walk around freely. We do this so the war is not in our backyard. I’m sure he doesn’t think about the thousands that were killed 10 years ago. INNOCENT CIVILIANS. We still haven’t reached collateral. The “insurgents/taliban/AQ” whatever we call them kill more of their own people. We teach them and mentor them. We risk our lives for a better world and a better global economy, but I guess we should take the US Military and fight the ignorance on our own streets.

    Like I said…

    God Bless his Soul, because NONE OF US “ARMY TROOPS” WILL!

  20. The troops fight for freedom of speech and then complain when it’s used. I’m not nearly as anti-everything as I used to be, but I recognize hypocrisy when I see it. I commend those who believe in what they’re doing (Even if I don’t) but let’s try and stay true to what this nation was founded on.

  21. This little puke of a person has every right to his freedom of speech as we all do to return the f you right back at him! These idiots have no idea about our history or anything that was taught in schools for that matter. I’m sure he doesn’t even under stand the history of the civil rights movement and slavery. What would make anyone think he understands what gave him the rights to open his trap and let out his garbage. My only problem with this little bitch is his name. I’ve dealt with a lot of these so called street soldiers(gangs) and they are all a bunch of bitches. Raise your right hand and put on a uniform before you earn the title of Soldier, Marine, Airman or Sailor. The only part of his name that is correct is “BOY” that’s all he’ll ever be.

  22. I do agree with that Former Sgt. And I’ll never stick up for the punk youth who think they are entitled to label themselves something they are not. You put it in good perspective when you say that he has his right to say what he wants just as you have the right to tell him he is wrong and a bitch. Kudos.

  23. “Be your own man….?” Yet this P.O.S. also says he is flying high like Peter Pan.. Ahhhh ha ha ha ! Dumbass! Yeah, because Peter Pan and Soulja are so manly! Or, is that an interlude that this little punk still has not grown up and still watches Peter Pan? Who Cares, right?

    I would like to leave you all with this quote….

    “It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,

    who serves beneath the flag,

    and whose coffin is draped by the flag,

    that gives the protester the right to burn the flag!”

    It’s sad to say, but this little thug falls into the same category as those nut jobs from Westboro Baptist Church.

    Yes, it is insulting. But, what do we really expect from our Society today? I mean, on a whole; are we really surprised that something like this is coming from some little street punk?

    It is also an insult that our country is trying to “God” out of everything. Yet, there is not a single military function that does not start or end with a word of prayer from a Chaplain.

    All we really have is each other, and that is plenty. Yes it does eat at my soul knowing that I have left my wife and kids behind more than once to go be shot at for the likes of Soulja Boy. But I know that I am more of a man than he will ever be. He is stupid, immature and is anything but his own man.

    He’s probably just now realizing he’s gay……..

  24. that’s what most black music these days is into. hating the US, hating the military, hating the president. Most black music today is a bunch of wanna be’s. that talk all kinds of shit about being “hard” but they’ve never been shot at. that’s why I don’t listen to black music or watch mtv. Its weak as shit.

  25. I wouldn’t agree that it’s limited to just “black” music or culture. I think it exists within all races and communities.

  26. @ Joe. Watch your mouth boy. Im 5 tours deep in the Army and race doesn’t exist where I’m at from. I love hip-hop/Rap or as u call it black music and thats not all they talk about. If you would like to furher discuss Im at Fort Bragg with a whle bunch of other black music listeners.

  27. Now this is just stupid. Y’all need to shut the fuck up.. Why is everyone ALWAYS up this guys ass! I swear give this kid a break! Jesus!

  28. This breaks my heart. For a young black man to say something like this. What does being a rapper have to do with being your own man? Maybe if he was enlisted and understood the sacrifices that military personel make everyday to protect his freedom, and hes using the fredom to bash us. Quite frankly its just disgusting.

  29. I dont know what this little 100 pound waste of flesh ,want a be Gangster is thinking! With all the sacrifices of troops had made for us he has the balls to bad mouth them! Is he that dumb not to realize w-out our Military he would have no Freedom of speech? Sad he takes these freedoms and spits on them and the ones that made it possible. Being uneducated is one thing but this is down right disrespectful to me and all my buddies and anybody who ever served for this country. If he does not like it hear send his punk ass to middle east! Enough Said

    @Milifidel “Military Loyalty” CEO of Milifidel , Prior US ARMY Hooah !

  30. Hey soulja boy… You dont support our troops? Get out of our country.. Go to another country where the military doesnt support or protect their civilians and would kill you for a comment like that

  31. HAHAHAH awwwww man. this boy doesn’t think our troops are their own men? These men and women out there eating bullets BY CHOICE so you can let this shit stream out your mouth. You wanna be your own man then roll on over to saudi arabia and spit this shit in the street “homeboy”. Rip on their cops, cuss out their troops, spit on their “causes” and see how long you last.

  32. This is the result of the liberal industry and movement. Yes this person has protection under the first admendment. But he has no talent and the courage of a coward. Our military and law inforcement work every day to insure freedom and liberty. It is sad that this person has no concept of it. This so called talent, or may I say lack of it could not stand with the courage of our fighting force.

    William Capps
    US Army Vet
    11/C. Hooah

  33. omg who the fuck cares what he said …?

    freedom of speech, we all fight for it, let him do as he does.

    second, all of you are making him rich. The more we bitch and complain about what he did and spread his youtube video around, the more hits/views he gets, the more youtube pays him…..

    who’s the real idiots ?

  34. I am a mom, of 2 U.S. Army Soldiers. All I can say is this “kid” is just…. YOUNG & DUMB! His song is, offensive and disrespectful! Not only is he taking on the Army, but all branches of the Military….add all their family and friends too. As upsetting as it is, I hope we all can remember that as Americans, we do have freedom of speech, and whether we agree with someones opinion of some things or not, they to have the right to voice them. Hopefully, NO physical harm/retaliation will come to this young boy just for his lack of maturity. Remember soldiers……you serve to protect our American FREEDOMS! **(Redcon-1, nice rebuttal song!) Soulja Boy Dis’s the Army, a REAL Soldiers rebuttal-Stephen Hobbs

  35. Like many have said previously, the Military members are currently and have always fought for the American Freedom of Speech. That being said, everyone has their own opinion, there is no way around that fact. My husband is in the Navy, I have friends or family in all branches of the Military and this is just some stupid ignorant crap that one stupid boy decided to say. It will either piss people off or make them happy depending on what side they are on but it is still ignorant. I listen to all music including Rap but I have never and will never listen to Soulja Boy because he is stupid. The Military is the reason we have the Country that we have, if you don’t like it, leave! There are plenty of places you can go.. but you probably won’t have freedom of speech. I have met many people in my life who despise the Military and war and trash it with no reasoning, and my response to them is the same as I say now. “I am glad that my family and friends have/are fighting for your right to say that, but I have no need for you or your ignorance in my life, so good luck and good bye”

  36. Soulja boy is just that ! A fucking pussy ass little boy that couldn’t rap if his life depended on it!! I would love to stomp on his little dick but I’m sure it’s to small to find!! I challenge souljer boy or what ever the fuck his name is to a fucking brawl! I dare you bitch!! I will shove my vibrator so far down your throat your ass hole will be running for it’s life! God bless the men and woman that serve this country and to those that appose… Say it to my face or another proud americans!!! Soulja bitch sucks dick for life!!!!!!!!!!!!! (No offense to anyone that does suck dick) Only to the stupid ninja that thought he was cool by saying fuck the army!. Soulja you must not have realized the army has brothers and sisters! AKA The marines and Airforce also the Navy as well as every true American!! Brace your self Bitch!

  37. He can hate on us all he wants… At least i’m educated enough to properly spell soldier and not some bitch as thug wannabe…… He can act hard all he wants I bet you when a bomb drops next to his room he’ll shit himself.

  38. I don’t know who you guys think we are fighting out here but I can tell you that it’s definately not the Iraqi army or the afghanistan army… So obviously we are going to kill their civilians…. Common Sense!!

  39. Fuck you John T. Savage. Youre probably a 28 year old, virgin male, who lives in his parents basement, works as a greeter @ Walmart.

  40. Exceed The Standard on

    Can someone give me the grid coordinates to Soulja Boys Mansion, so i can mortar the shit out of him and see how much of a “Soulja” he is.

  41. I think it’s funny how this publicity stunt, used to make money, has some of you turning on each other. Human nature is amazing, it is what it is. This is why we fight; for his freedom of speech. Yes, I am a soldier 3 combat tours deep.

  42. Even freedom of speech comes with a “but”. Congress has defined the first amendment as freedom of speech or opinions until the words “are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.” His opinion is making a lot of people angry, very angry. Let’s just hope they don’t get so angry that violence will occur. I know karma & God will get the best of him eventually!

  43. Let’s start a petition, to change his name to “Pile of human garbage who should be deported to whichever country shittier than Mexico” boy. Oh! And if Any ones on Twitter be sure to post “@JustinBieber How do you feel about your pal @Souljaboy saying ‘F the troops’ in his new song? #AFT Thumbs up to make sure everyone sees this and posts it!”

  44. Jackie in Afghanistan on

    The REAL men and women over here are paying the ULTIMATE price for your freedom! God Bless America and the Troops serving OUR Country!

  45. You know..people keep saying “Omg don’t be mad..it’s freedom of speech and blah blah blah” To me, this has nothing to do with him having the right to say what he wants. The main thing that pisses people off so much is this little punk, who is the biggest joke, just has no idea what he is talking about. This is coming from a kid who wrote a song “Kiss Me Through the Phone”. I guarantee if he gets asked why he said this..he will not have a legitament response. It’s pure ignorance and his intelligence level is insulting. So stop with the whole “He can say whatever he wants!” Yeah, no shit Sherlock. This little boy is just plain dumb and an insult to American people.

  46. To all the defenders of Soulja B—-, God bless you.

    To all the military, God bless you.

    Freedom is a funny thing.

    He has the freedom to say whatever he wants.

    Myself and many many others have fought to give him that right. Leaving our families multiple times and some of us never coming back.

    So since freedom is such a funny thing let me explain this as clear as I can.


    RAKKASAN !!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Just another foolish rapper who wishes he was hard. Let that “soulja boy” put on some “Soulja boots” and find out what it’s like to be a “soulja MAN”. Until then I could care less what he has to say about me. He’s barely old enough to drive a car, let alone be a public role model. Simply pathetic

  48. This is my response to his diss. There are curse words so I hope no gets offended. Us Soldiers who do rap and make music have already started responding. Check it out!

  49. Current SPC. US ARMY on

    here is a little quote i have lived by for the last 5 years and my father had been living by for the last 34 years we are both currently deployed in different areas and left my sister by herself and my wife to fend for themselves i am only 22 so here it is….





    Honestly all we can do as SOLDIERS, AIRMEN, MARINES, AND SEAMEN is sit back and watch him dig his own grave because this is going to kill his sales more than what they were. NO I DONT AGREE WITH WHAT HE HAS SAID OR DONE BUT KIDS WILL BE KIDS AND HONESTLY HE NEEDS TO REALIZE A LOT BEFORE HE TRIES TO COME TO OKLAHOMA FOR A SHOW BECAUSE I WILL BE THERE.

  50. John T. Savage obviously never passed first grade math. One million dead civilians?! Really? This is your retarded attempt at proving something? Let’s do the math, nimwit. 1,000,000 dead Iraqis since 2003, or 1 million dead civilian Iraqis in 8 years or 102 months or over 9,800 dead Iraqis EVERY SINGLE MONTH since the 2003 invasion. October 2010 was the worst month for civilian casualties as a result of the war with slightly more than 3,000 killed. Even if EVERY MONTH was the worst month for civilian deaths in Iraq, the total wouldn’t be CLOSE to your ignorantly stupid million figure. Even if EVERY DAY were absolute hell in Iraq, you’d barely equal a third of that number! You diaper needs changed.

  51. All of you who don’t support the war or the troops.. You definitely have nothing better to do then get online on a MILITARY site and talk your crap, just to start a war of words. Why not actually go up to a military member and say it to their face? Oh, I know… You’re afraid. Gotcha.

  52. We fight to protect the freedom of others we die to protect the rights of men and women who do not have the testicular fortitude to do so. We the hardships we faced the time and friends lost it saddens me to see what our youth and ourselves are becoming I read some of this and people point out race or black culture it is not about that is about a young man who did not have proper role models growing up because we as a nation are to afraid to hurt someones feeling for fear a being sued or having a conflict with someone. One day those of us who see the way will hit the reset button on this nation and return it to its glory by vote or by force.

  53. I am in a military family, my husband is currently deployed. I could list everyone in my family that has served and is still serving, but I’ll leave it at that.

    If we take away Soulja Boy’s free speech we take away everything that our troops have fought and are fighting for. I don’t agree with Soulja Boy, I don’t buy his music. You have every right to disagree with him and be angry with him; what he said was completely disrespectful. However, it does voice a lot of opinions in our country towards the government and our troops. I understand the frustration since I know many people who joined the military just for the pay check or benefits (and dare we even talk about contract marriages or the troops who are encouraged to cheat on their spouses while deployed because it “doesn’t count”?). Talking about the rest of the government is a whole other long discussion.

    The truth is that a lot of our own military are disrespectful towards the military (a few examples cited above, I know I can find more). Instead of getting up in arms about what Soulja Boy said (which, again, is the opinion of a lot of people in our country) let’s just forget Soulja Boy and move on.

  54. Yes, it is true. People have the right to say whatever they want. That doesn’t mean you do it. As prior service and a contractor now, I was outraged with this. I would love to stomp his head on the curb but, I would be no better than this disrespectful young American. I for one am ashamed that this young man is even an American at all. And for the fact that he has supporters (not for the right of free speach) who think he speaks the “truth” just shows people how fucked this country has become. Take a lesson from this incident. Be a parent! Because I’m sure this little pricks daddy did some bad things to him to have that much hate for the people who gave you the right to speak freely. Tactical patience with this young “man”….. He’ll get his.

  55. Well, he can exercise his freedom of speech to say F the troops.. And I can exercise mine to say I think he’s a pathetic little B____ and would gladly exercise my freedom of speech farther by letting him know what I think with a punch to the face if given the opportunity.

  56. @Anti-hypocrisy so you’re against everything you just said cause you have a problem with the soldiers tellin him off because of what we say about him having the right…. i bet you one of those kids who grew up saying fuck you mom i hate you and all that i mean you have to be cause if not then you’re just on here to be a dick with no context look at it like this if you ever end up in an accident where you almost die but a cop saves your life moments before the car explodes look at him and say “Fuck you be your own man”……..dick head

  57. oh and for all those who have such a problem with the troops and our government GTFO of America if it’s that much of a problem for you that you have to complain about shit you know really nothing about kick rocks you’re worthless ungrateful and don’t really deserve to be here

  58. As part of the military, I think we should put all the rappers and entertainers, politicians out there on the frontline. They think that we have a easy job????? Yeah, wake up call, you all have the easy jobs, sitting in your million dollar houses and expensive A$$ cars. Spend just one week in the boots of a REAL SOLDIER and then tell me that our job is easy. All I have to say to Soulja Boy is F&^% you and your lame a$$ song.

  59. Contact the record company and let em know this is not acceptable (use free speech in a good way! )


    2220 Colorado Ave.

    Santa Monica, California 90404

    United States

    Phone: 310-865-1000

    Fax: 310-865-7096

  60. joining the military doesnt make me a solider, marine, sailor, or airmen(though i am in the air force) it makes all the branches and all who serve WARRIORS. when i was on leave everyone called me me “solider” at first i was insulted, but being in for a while ive come to realalize that thats the civilian term for warrior, wheather they know it or not. we are all warriors and it doesnt matter what you do we all fight, we defend, we die. so when i heard about this i was outraged. the sheer disrespect just was too much. this “soulja boy” doesnt know what is like to have to see his friends die, be away from his family, have to make that spilt second choice that i personally hate making. this pathetic fake should be sent to the frontlines maybe then he’ll learn the hardship of being a warrior.

  61. yeah you troops are really defending our freedom over there in iraq. because iraq was a threat to our freedom. right….?

  62. Most military people are hostile, delusional and irresponsible. You hypocrites claim to fighting for rights, but when citizens exercise them, then you have a problem. The U.S. Constitution gives us our rights, not the military. The military provides safety and security for our interests at home and abroad. It is sad that most of you don’t actually know what you are fighting for. Stop giving yourselves so much credit for things that you are not doing. You can start by killing more terrorists than civilians.

  63. @ Amber Bean… You are a whore that enjoys sex with animals and small children… I am so glad you will not take offense to that since it I am expressing my freedom of speech…

    There is a HUGE difference in bashing the very people that allow citizens of our nation to express their opinion freely and opposing the war…

    As Soldiers we do as we are told, we do not have the luxury to choose to participate in the righteous meaningful cause and sit out the lesser debased…

    So while some may not agree with current policy of our government, do not blame the Soldiers, we are a military put into action by YOUR government… If you do not want or like what is going on, do something about it… VOTE, get others to vote and change the system… Get off your ass and take action rather than sitting around and complaining about it… But do not blame it on those that fight for you…

  64. I slept safe and sound last night in my bed, due to the freedom I have because of all our Military Troops in the past and present. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!!!!!

    As for this little punk rapper, that said “F the FBI and the Army Troops”. I hope he runs into somebody some day that stomps a mud hole in his punk A__.

    I grew up in a Military Household and am Proud to be called an American.

    To all the “Real Soldiers” out there, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the sacrifices that you are making so I can feel safe and sound in my country. GOD Bless You!!!! And Be Safe!!!! And Remember Us true Americans “LOVE YOU”

  65. just another black bigot coward off the streets. they run in packs and assault the helpless, the old, the defenseless. and then pound their chest. thirty seconds on the battle field and they would all sht in their pants.

  66. @12DV

    Like I said, Mostly Black Music… Hating on this country. Like your boy Kanye and his lame ass comments. Hey, don’t try to act tough boy. I look at you the same way I look at “Soulja Fuck” just another douche bag wanna-be fuck straight up posted up in some faggety-assed support job. Why don’t you be a leader and try and instill some pride in your country ? You don’t see Hispanic or Asian musicians running their mouths. That little douche-bag would get his ass worked over, just like you.

  67. Have you noticed how these “artists” are all about 5 foot nothing and can’t beat their way out of a wet paper bag? This is why their “lyrics” always have a gun in them because they aren’t real men, they’re cowards that can’t stand up for themselves on their own merit. Punks, criminals, rapist’s, wife beaters, child molesters, but what do their fans do? They embrace them like it is a badge of honor. This explains the I.Q. levels of the idiots that purchase this crap.

  68. He needs to be given some Kevlar, an M-4, and a bandoleer, in Kandahar Province. If he gets back maybe he’ll have a different opinion on the United States of America, and the men and women who defend it.

    This is just another uneducated punk running his mouth. He takes from this country and it’s people. And relies on the protection of the military, and the police. He’s a parasite.

  69. Familiar_Ninja on

    What we NEED to do is put pressure on his record label, Interscope to take action and drop him from their label. he is giving them a Bad name.

  70. Save the thought and just wait until you’re called to blow the fuck out of another country full of little brown people.

  71. The John T. Savages of the world, gutless and without honor, brave online but insignificant offline, would never dared to talk their trash directly to the faces of real men.

  72. For everyone that keeps saying he is just exercising his freedom of speech, GET OVER YOUR SELVES! Yes, he has the freedom to say what he wants, that does not mean that he SHOULD. Also, last time I checked, every action has a consequence. The consequence of him running his mouth saying, F*** the Army Troops, is that he has severely angered pretty much everyone in the Military and everyone that supports them. No it is not as simple as not buying his crap, sadly the youth of this country look up to people like him, for whatever gods unknown reason, and thus when he says things like that they listen, because the person they look up to can’t possibly be an ignorant, no talent, wanna be thug, punk. The fact that things like You Tube exist means that you can’t just not buy his crap. He owes ALL of the Troops and the people that support them an apology. All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing!

  73. Also, I didn’t see any of you saying, just don’t buy their stuff, when the Dixie Chicks pulled that stunt when they went to the UK and started bashing the President of the United States. Everyone was all for pulling all of their stuff off the shelves when that happened. It ruined their careers and no one was saying then, “Oh they were just exercising their freedom of speech.” This is no different than that was, and yet now everyone wants to talk about freedom of speech. Save your hypocritical nonsense for people that care to hear it, because I guarantee you that none of the Troops care to hear it.

  74. I would like to say to all my military brothers and sisters thank you for serving this great country. And anybody who messes with our military personal can go the hell these are our people who are fighting for our rights and freedom. They deserve our pride and love not our hatred.

  75. May God bless all of our troops ! Thank you all for what you do to defend our Country and our freedoms. Many in the military have paid the ultimate price, for this idiots “free speech”.

  76. To all of our Military men and women, I never had the honor to serve in the military like I wanted to, but I still do and always will support you. Its a hard job that not everyone is brave enough to do. I come from a Military family and know the sacrifices that you make on a daily basis. Thank you for all that you do and please remember, for every one ignorant retard like this guy that slams and disrespects you, there are 1000 more people who support and love you. There are people out there that teach our children to respect all of you and what you do. They know that you keep us safe and are thankful for that. My 8 year old daughter makes it a point to say ” Thank You ” to every military man and woman that she talks to. That is something to be proud of. Keep up the great work and stay safe.

  77. Hey has the right to free speech but we also have a right to boycott his stupid ass and his shitty music. I suggest everyone exercise that right.

  78. So what if I said hey nigger you need to watch your mouth would that upset you Soulja boy? sorry that came out wrong my bad…. well here is the thing all you fucking pathetic rappers and movie starts and athletes that talk shit about he government and the war or anything else similar to that well grow so balls and see what its like to join the military before you talk shit. you are fucking pathetic and I hope you go to hell and no one buys another album from you… sad part is people will keep buying your trashy music.

  79. Hey Soulja chimp-boy, military people give you the right to flap your gums, but one of the just may bust your freaking chops. You are POS, now go pull up your britches, poopy-pants

  80. army girl hall on

    Wanna be gansta but you have now idea join real men and women in the military over in afghanistan leave your family members behind and try to shoot at poeople who shoot back. furthermore u probably dont even know how to fire a weapon correctly who am I kidding, ladies and gentlemen this is not a race issue this is a cowardly issue, fuck the military fuck you, and quit using the name soulja boy representing yourself as a soldier because it takes heart to be a soldier. Clearly making a comment like this proves to me you are a punk. P.S. I served and and I think you are bitch made. I have more women in my pinky finger than you hsve your whole body.BOY!

  81. Why does everybody HAVE to support the troops and war? It is and was a usless and selfish war. Thousands of murdered innocent civilians all for no reason, oh wait, I guess stealing oil is a good reason? You should be embarrassed to be American. I hate Soulja boy’s music, but I now like him as a person. Free Speech Motha Fuckas’

  82. How the Fuck can people say “they defend our country and freedom” This war has not given any freedom and needed defence from nothing! America was already free and safe. Okay maybe the troops from the first and second world war. But not this war, it was just another excuse for Americans to takeover and steal whatever they want, nothing to do with freedom!

  83. I do not like what he said, and have no respect for him, but one thing those of you in uniform must remember.

    You are not wolves, you are sheepdogs, fierce sheepdogs, and your duty is to protect the sheep. The wolves are those who would kill us, who would attack us, who would steal our freedoms and murder the stupid sheep. Yes the sheep are sometimes stupid , some of them are not grateful nor do they see the need for the protection you give , some are afraid of you , some will speak out against you and call you names…and some of them downright stink…but many of them, simply live and rest and are very grateful for the sheepdogs who guard them against the wolves.

    so remember who you are and who they are…be their sheep dogs, the stupid stinky ones, along with the nice sweet happy ones.

    Without fierce sheepdogs, we are lost.

    From one who was once a sheepdog, and now grateful to be a happy and well guarded sheep.

  84. As a army vet myself, I am upset about what this man (I will keep it respectful) said about f* the army troops, but he does have the right to talk this way though. Is it a surprise that some celebrity should disrespect soldiers. Why not — wasn’t true that the civilian world would spit on soldiers during Vietnam. Nothing has changed, the same selfish people cant understand what services is. Just like the college cry babies of the 60’s who were selfish in there protest of the war; so to with soulji boy. Does anyone have to think hard to figure out its all about him. This is systemic. You have rappers dissing this and preachers attacking funerals over gays. Most people say they support the troops, but they will keep buying his albums. Its time that our society begins to understand that we can’t continue to support stupidity any longer. We as a people have to start thinking about how we effect each other. Are words are dangerous. With a few words a person has really offended allot of people. What should we get out of this? Next time you are about to say something, stop and think about how this is going to make other people feel. This is a challenge I make to the armed services, because we are the ones that were hurt. We should stop with the f* him and all that stuff. We don’t have enough time to spend with our families let alone this boy. Now if soulja boy wants to comedown to the troops our run into some of us on the street, we should let him talk his peace. When he finishes we should give a boot to the chest; some jump-boot justice!

  85. typican n*gger. its amazing that people actually still support this music and lifestyle. just shows you haw far peoples heads are up their asses

  86. katrina schwatka on

    He has lost his mind and alot of fans too . Why would anyone say F the army . Our troops are the heart and soul of our country . Reminds me of a saying if you don’t stand for us stand in front of us .He doesn’t know the sacrifice and selfless people who fight for our right to be free . If we didn’t fight them on there own truff they would just attack us on our own soil like 9/11 !Our troops are trained to protect us and thats what they do . Our troops are wonderful people who protect us and this wonderful country that we all call home . There are lots of people who would love to be American . He is not a true American and should change his name . This truely upsets me . I am a military brat and a military wife with a deployed husband and he has no idea how if feels and needs to SHUT UP ! It’s not the Militarys fault he was a poor boy living in the ghetto maybe he should rap about that and if he doesn’t get his head straight he mite end up a poor man living in the ghetto . Yours Truely PROUD MILITARY WIFE

  87. katrina schwatka on

    This is for Cartne If it wasn’t for wars we would still be ruled by England ….. Also if we didn’t fight them over there they would be over here attacking us . Everyone doesn’t have to support our troops just respect what they do and have done for you to have FREEDOM . You should take a history class and learn how we got our rights …. We got our right from selfless men who sacrificed there lives for you to speak your mind . What oil are we stealing ? If that was the case we wouldn’t be in debt . Unless you know or have been in this war you should not say anything about something you don’t know . Maybe we should have just let the taliban come attack some more innocent civillans in your neighborhood and see how you feel . My big sister died in the 1st twin tower maybe it should have been one of your family members and your view would be different . My husband and father are proud military men who sacrifice things you will never know because your in your house running your big mouth with no clue to what and why we are fighting them .

  88. all u dumbasses that keep going back to freedom of speech are just fucking ignorant.. yes it is freedom of speech.. doesnt mean we agree with it.. theres just some things you DO NOT say.. and that was most definately one of them.

  89. you will hate me on

    wow the hardcore military got their feeling hurt :(. It’s a fucking opinion lol . Freedom of speech! Fuck the FBI, Fucked the Armed forces and Fuck the government. there I did it too And there is nothing you can’t say, damn shit talkers.

  90. Hes just another clueless punk with a big mouth, and yeah he probably needs to sell some more shitty albums to support his superficial, empty, selfish , materialistic lifestyle. But history will repeat itself with these losers who spew hate like this, He will blow all his money buying shit loads of expensive crap over extending himself in all aspects of his life, probably become dependant on some form of drug and lose everything he has; which is all material in nature anyway. Rappers like him don’t last too long, he has a very small demo and now it will most likely be even smaller after this new joke of a so called album. I am in the military and I never even heard of this moron until now. The best thing to do is ignore this dude, dont buy his garbage and he will just go away to where ever busted rappers go. If he’s lucky he might be on celebrity rehab in about 10 years, or be someones bitch in prison.

  91. Maybe he says fighting for what” because c’mon what r they really fighting for? Iraq is not our country this government just wants to take over every country. Fighting for freedom no. Fighting for a war, no. Then for what?

  92. As a Army Vet who served three tours Iraq and Alfghan I was a little upset but what can I do or say? That’s not gonna change anything. I don’t care if u hate the military or whatever but I know what I went through and what you never went through and that’s all that matters.

  93. nastyasspregobitch on

    look at him, he’s a fucken crack baby. he probably is just saying stupid shit because he was rejected. the country knows who to get to protect itself. he looks like the sperm that snuck his pathetic ass into the egg. so he does what most lazy Americans do and become a performer. aside from the real talent out there, this rock smoker does this and has some expectations of something. i hope when some rapper guy makes a song about stupid crack abusing guys talk about the people he tried to be apart of. Oh, wait, i think he just did. CRACK!!

  94. Wow! There are a lot of comments here. I didn’t even know about this until I was late night browsing army times. I think he can say what ever he wants same as we see fat people at work and call them a fat ass. I know one is fact and one is opinion, and that is up for debate as well. I just want to retire, buy a RV, and live in the woods far away from everyone who has an opinion. Since we are all giving our opinions here…..rap sucks! It is a pointless means for undereducated boys and girls to express their idiotic views to the world. Can’t we all just have a beer, shut the hell up, and catch some fish.

  95. hmm, I see no one learned anything from the Ditzie Chicks.. Or Khris Brown, Don’t mess with the Military, Government, or beat your girl. I think all stores should ban the sale of his album not just the military, that would be fitting.

    The American Dream should only apply to those who support the dream…. Semper Fi Retired USMC

  96. I am a veteran of Iraq and this really makes my blood boil to know how much money this fool is going to make off of this song while the troops are busting their a**es for 50,000 for a year in Iraq risking their lives and missing their families! How old is this punk anyway? Probably all talk and no action, if he was in the blazing heat of Iraq wearing 50 lbs. of gear I bet he would be whinning like a little baby! lol…

  97. Well, lets just say that this boy has the right to be an asshole, like Westboro and bigots of all kind.

    Freedom of Speech is a great thing… even though certain fools abuse it.

  98. @ John T. Savage –

    Seriously? Where do you get your information from? A new’s source that’s truly not accurate and based on opinions? Get your facts correct before insulting those who have served and still serve in the Middle East. What would you have done during the 9/11 attack? Sit there and show fear and bring our nation into fear? Honestly think about what you say before you say anything else.

  99. looked at the “military times” and there are so many comments. OMG this guy pissed some people off. However sadly, we defend the right for people to say what they want. If people want to be ignorant and hateful, it’s what us soldiers die for. I don’t have to like what he says, but I have to defend it with my life. It’s part of the constitution. And I hate him for it, but fine…say what you will. And I also have the right to say what I want…and that is Soulja Boy, you are so sheltered and ignorant. I fight for for you. And my brothers and sisters die for you. Please…at least recognize that.

  100. Lots of Freedom of Speech going on here. Some more offensive than what Soulja Boy touted. We should all agree that the freedom to speak our minds do have limits. If it’s insulting, denegrating, or hurtful, it’s not freedom of speech but plain ol’ meanness. As pointed out, if you wouldn’t want it said to you, don’t say it or write it. If you feel what you said is acceptable to anyone then don’t be offended when another speaks freely.

    The bottom line: respect begat free speech; free speech begat personal freedom. No respect, no freedom.

  101. Just Another Soldier on

    I have been reading through all of the comments and I am nothing but shocked. I see there are many people who obviously love the military and a lot that apparently hate or just don’t give a flying firetruck.

    If the people in the military don’t know what we are fighting for, then what’s makes you people who aren’t know what were fighting for? America is a nation that was born in WAR. I read someone said that is is not our Soldiers that give us our rights, but our congress. Well guess what? There wouldn’t be a congress if there were not people to stand and up as Soldiers and fight for those right.

  102. I would first like to start off by pointing out that there seems to be a shocking abundance of ignorant people on this page! Secondly, yes “most” of us are disgusted, outraged, and saddened because of the comments that little punk Ass NICCA decided to make,”Being very nice there”. 3rd, To make what could be a very long part of my comment short, “I STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS NOT OUR GREEDY
    GOVERNMENT”!!! 4th, Yes we do have “OUR” right of freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean abuse it! 5th, And YES I’m going there. I just want to know why its ok for “BLACKS” to have self titled locations, groups, books, or anything for
    that matter but if a “WHITE” person was to butt up the word “WHITE” with anything, we’d have our pants sued off and our asses handed to
    us??? I know this question doesn’t have much to do with bitch boys song lyrics but has to do with some of other peoples responses.Alot of people like to throw the “Race Card” around, but really who is the racists now a days? And lastly, I think that everyone should be held accountable for their actions and mouths, especially influential people! @@@@@@@@@@@@ AMBER BEAN, TRUTH TELLER, ELIAS, SODMG TIL THE WHAT THE FUCK EVER, REAL337, ANTI-HYPOCRISY, JIMMY, YOU WILL HATE ME, SDU-IT, ND GRIEGO/// You all are complete fucking idiots! You are the people that cold be embarrassed swing as you don’t have anybody to blame for your thoughts besides yourselves!!! If I am mistaken about anything I have expressed here please feel gre to correct me!

  103. Ps, SWYPE feature sucks, as you can tell towards the end of my comment, could is supposed to be should, swing should be seeing, gre should be free =) So don’t waste your time grabbing straws and try to correct me on them.

  104. Operation Specialist on

    Im in the Foward Deployed US Navy. I’m more sad then mad by this. I’m out to sea 300 days out of the year and for an American to say “f the troops” hurts. I didn’t take this path for the money or the benefits. I took it so my generation and my children’s generation could be free. Yet to know that this is how somebody in my generation feels about the military bothers me. Soldiers/sailors don’t see their family or friends to defend America and this is how some people act towards us. I love my country and most of those in it. I am truly sorry for this boy and the ignorance that has been put upon him.

  105. I hear a lot of ppl talking about soulja boy this and that. ok true he does have a right to speak his mind…however, he should not put down our troops who are fighting so he can be ignorant. I have never been in the military, but i have worked for the military. let me tell you, our sevicemen and women are dedicated, committed, and focused on their job…better than us civilians. some of us could fathom the job they do. they put their lives on hold in an instant to protect this country. not only do have respect for our military, but i have even more respect for the family they leave behind. soulja boy would last a minute with our troops. he talk about how hard he is…please, he is about as soft as new bread. Much love troops, i support you guys(ladies) 1000% and pray that you return home safely.

  106. If he exercised his freedom of speech, we sure can exercise our own and call him out as being a punk. Just because we’re military or prior military doesn’t mean our voices have to go silent. Don’t tell someone to shut up or stop complaining if it is bothering them that some brat that will never be on a convoy, never have to go sit in a desert, never have to say bye to the family for the 3-4th time for a year, can say what he wants to say and we aren’t allowed to retaliate with our own words. He’s a loser and we can call him out as we feel!

  107. I’m sorry you are fighting for us? Were we invaded? Is our country at risk of being taken over? You are right, there is no draft, you signed up for the military all by yourself. But regardless of your reasons for signing up, you are fighting for someone elses reasons, not yours. You removed your choice to pick your battles, you gave that choice to someone else, you are a slave to the government. You are a HIRED GUN. No one has fought for “freedom” or “liberty” since the British left the American colonies in 1812. Maybe WWII, but we were still not under threat of being taken over by a foreign power. You fight for oil and natural resource takeover. You fight unjustified wars that have resulted in the deaths of 1 million Iraqi’s since 2001. I have much more respect for soldiers that quit because they know these wars are illegal than anyone. I would sign up tomorrow if they said I’d be put on the border to stop illegal immigration. These wars you are in in Afghanistan and Iraq are B.S., they are NO threat to the U.S. You fight for yourself and fight for a paycheck.

    “Military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy.”

    Henry Kissinger,

    National Security Advisor to Nixon, 1973.

    This who you are fighting for.

  108. …and another thing. These people who say they don’t back the government and these wars but back the troops are hypocrites. If you support the people fighting a war that is illegal and unjustified, then you ARE supporting the war. There would be no war without the men willing to fight them. Invasions of non-belligerent nations are never carried out for the sake of vague ideals like “freedom” & “liberty”. That’s PR spin. The US invasions of Mexico, Cuba, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya as well as a host of “covert” coup d’etats in Latin America & Africa were all premeditated wars of conquest: trade route expansion, cheap labor force acquisition, natural resource seizure & export control. Modern wars only help the big boss! Don’t delude yourself by thinking people have to support you, that’s nationalism, simply supporting the wars and soldiers because they represent the US of A. It’s ignorant and hypocritical. Claiming you fight for your country and for freedom only makes you look dumb to those people who are smart enough to know better. You fight for politicians with agendas, nothing more.

  109. Definitely believe that that you said. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the internet the simplest thing to have in mind of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed whilst other folks think about concerns that they just do not recognize about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , other folks can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thank you

  110. I am a African American female and I think the statement he made was VERY wrong. So race don’t have not a damn thing to do with it. EVERYONE has the right to express how they feel. BUT with that being said, I think what he said was wrong. He deserves to be hated on after a stupid comment like that. My grandfather and many more of my family have fault in the war. My cousin is serving right now. I NEVER get to see him. If memory serves me correctly this is NOT the first stupid comment he’s made. He’s old enough to know better! We all have the right of free speech but there are just some things that are not meant to be said. Not everything we think in our minds is meant to be said! I can tell he does not think before he speaks. Words are so powerful. People have started AND ended wars just by saying a speech. I thank all the brave men and women who have fault for this country. I have the MOST respect for you!

  111. This is a reply to “Jennifer”. Jennifer, I often ask myself the same thing. Sometimes, I seems as if Blacks are exempt from being “racist” or using racist terms. But it all really has to do with what has happened years ago and STILL goes on till this very day. Ask yourself this…why does it seem ok for a fat girl to talk about a skinny girl? Why does it seem okay for a short guy to talk about a tall guy? Both questions that you JUST read are actually both going into the same area’s. Why does it seem okay for a Black person to talk about a white person…but never the other way around? The answer is simple. It’s because just like the fat girl and the short guy. Blacks have been talked about,abused, and made fun of more than the whites. NOW with that being said…I AM NOT saying that whites have it easier. I am just simply pointing out that it all goes back to history. Lets turn the tables shall we? If whites were hung,enslaved,burned,beaten,raped,hosed down, killed just for reading a book, or any of those things then I’m sure even with it being 2011 that you would have a huge problem. The only reason blacks seem to have allot of “self pride”…the only reason we see channels like “BET” and “TVONE” which focuses more on the African American’s is because the truth of the matter is, Blacks have been denied allot of things. In the older days, whites had many, many TV shows where they sung,acted and danced. While blacks were denied. Black were told by the whites that because they were black that they couldn’t be on TV. Few know that this is actually how “Soul Train” started. Blacks were denied the chance to go on a popular dance show. So they created something of their own. They called it “Soul Train” and it’s been going strong since then. IGNORANT people often say…”Well this is not the old days, this is 2011, so why do blacks still act this way? Why do blacks act this way when the blacks today were never hung,enslaved or beaten?” The answer to this question is also simple. JUST BECAUSE IT IS 2011 DOES NOT MEAN THAT RACISM AND THINGS THAT HAS HAPPENED 50 YEARS AGO HAVE STOPPED. I grew up in Indiana. I remember being looked at in disgusted by whites. I remember one night me and my family was coming home from a trip, we ended up getting lost. I remember us having to literally RUSH out of whatever area we were in because we knew that if a white person saw us, they were going to try to literally kill us. Im 19 now. That was the 90’s or early 2000’s. So you see…I’m not giving blacks an excuse. All im saying is to take a moment and try and look at it from a Blacks person’s perspective. See it from someone Else’s view point. I’m also not saying that this is an excuse for blacks to act any kind of way. Because sometimes I see the way blacks act and It makes me upset too. Blacks are NOT exempt from being racist. I now live next to an all white city,but live in a mixed area. I been to allot of places. I seen PLENTY of racist blacks as well as whites. I personally HATE the word nigger. I NEVER use it and I would take offense to it no matter if a white OR black person called me that. I am African American. I have of many races. Even though I seen plenty of whites act racist against me, I would never turn against all whites. That would be dumb. But sadly plenty of blacks have done this. I find it stupid but I try and understand them anyway. I guess you can say I’m an understanding person. Like I stated before, I’m not making excuses. I’m simply trying to make you understand how I feel about it. And what I experienced and learned for myself. Oh & by the way…In the English Dictionary the second definition of the word nigger actually states “a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.” That actually means that ANYONE. No matter if you are black, white or Asian can be consider a nigger IF used in the right terms.

  112. F__k Him!! He should be kissing every Solider//Marine//Airmen//Sailor’s boots, before he lay his skinny azz down to sleep at tonight!! His Peter-Pan never been in a NO-FLY zone young flower picking Punk! I would LUV to see him in Basic Training, would NOT last a week!!

  113. And for thoes who keep saying …HE HAS THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH……F__K you too, your worthless like a old road kill Possum, a used condom, and a collection of 8-Tracks. I bet ya’ll voteing for Palin slow-tarded ass.

  114. @ miyana army girl first of all you arent a real soldier all you do is sit in an office. And fix your weave by throwing it away and grow your natural hair. just because you sleep with higher ranking soldiers and have a few videos of yourself online in porn doesnt make you a viable source to defend or talk smack on a confused youth that didnt think before he acted.

  115. Ryan Meadows on

    My dad spent close to 12 years in the Army. Some of which he was EOD and this is very insulting. My dad went throught some crazy stuff so people like this dont have to. Which is very disturbing. Freedom of speech is what our country was founded on and what our troops are fighting for, but just because he has that right doesnt always mean it’s appropriate to use it. I think the hate mail and the negative attention from the media is going to make almost the rest of his life crap, which makes me feel just a little bit better. Also congradulations to Stephen Hobbs for becoming a better rapper in one day than this guy did or ever will be in his life. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!! Thanks to the men and women who served and continue to do so everyday!

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  117. American taxpayers footing the $125 billion bill for rebuilding Iraq are understandably shocked by recent revelations that senior military officers are under investigation for alleged bribery and corruption, on the evidence of a US arms dealer shot dead in 2004. In truth, they don’t know the half of it. Why do we still go to war? We seem unable to stop. We find any excuse for this post-imperial fidget and yet we keep getting trapped. Germans do not do it, or Spanish or Swedes. Britain’s borders and British people have not been under serious threat for a generation. Yet time and again our leaders crave battle. Why? What are you fighting for? To line the pockets of fat corporate America with oil from places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran.

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