Stephen Colbert: ‘There’s nothing more patriotic than a Marine fart’


Stephen Colbert wags his finger at the Marine Corps last night. (Comedy Central screen grab)

I reported it here last month, but TV funnyman Stephen Colbert just caught wind of it.

A certain group of Marines in Afghanistan were asked by their leaders to avoid farting audibly around their Afghan partners because they are offended by flatulence. We don’t really know why the Afghans are offended, they just are.

On his show last night, Colbert wagged a finger at the Marine Corps, even though it was never an official Marine Corps order. Check it out here:


“We owe them the freedom to unleash a loud, proud, cheek-rattling chair-scorcher,” he said. He added: “What do the Marines want the men on the ground to do? Be silent but deadly?”

Even though he picked up an MRE and pointed out that “we cannot fill these  soldiers with MREs, then ask them to cease fire,” it’s a pretty funny moment of Colbert outrage.

For the record, yes, that was this blog that appeared on last night’s show.


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  1. @ Jen – Hey, good point. I mean, as long as they’re here in our country they should do everything not to offend us.

    …. oh, wait a sec….

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