‘Hell and Back Again’ — Watch the trailer


“Hell and Back Again,” a documentary by photographer Danfung Dennis, begins hitting theaters Oct. 5. It features members of Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines, out of Camp Lejeune, N.C., who deployed to Afghanistan in 2009.

Arguably the most powerful scenes in the trailer involve 27-year-old Sgt. Nathan Harris’ transition back home.

The trailer is posted below. For the screening schedule click here. I’ll be buying a ticket.


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  1. Attended the screening of Hell and Back Again in Durham, NC. It really opened my eyes to see the physical, mental and spiritual pain our soilders have to go through. I am very thankful for Nathan and Ashley to have let us into thier lifes during this transition.

  2. Wow! It’s not showing anywhere near me or I would surely go! Can I buy a copy??? One of my Marine sons was in the push into Marjah, so this looks like a glimpse into what he went through.

  3. OhhhRahhhhh Devil Dogs!!!!!!!! I definately need to see this about my fellow devil dogs. I am a Former Marine from 2/8 as well. 3 years, 2 tours with them. I have many brothers were still in with E Co, 2/8 in Afghanistan. God Bless

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