A detailed look at the Marine Corps M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle


A prototype of the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle, as seen in the Military Times photo studio last week. (Photo by Rob Curtis/Staff)

In this week’s print edition of Marine Corps Times, there’s a story about the full rollout of M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles to the fleet beginning early next year. I won’t give it all away here, it’s fair to say dozens of battalions will receive the weapon in coming months following Commandant Gen. Jim Amos’ decision last summer to approve full fielding.

With that in mind, we invited a representative from Heckler and Koch, the maker of the IAR, to Marine Corps Times last week. Along with Rob Curtis of the Military Times Gear Scout blog, I got a look at the weapon’s bells and whistles.

There are a lot of rumors about which magazines will fit in the rifle, so Rob decided to address those to the extent possible, too. Check this video out:


To check out Rob’s take on the weapon and two dozen close-up photographs, surf over to Gear Scout.


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  1. The SAW cyclic is a beast. But somebody has to carry that beast. It was me for a long time. When you are going over terrain like you find in the OEF AOR you need all the weight help you can get. Combined with its piston driven system this is a game changer.

  2. SAWs just weren’t reliable but this is not a SAW replacement. My last deployment a Marine that maintained his SAW very well was unable to keep it from constantly malfunctioning (it was a new SAW as well which was rare).

    I like the idea of the IAR however I am concerned if SAWs start to stay in the FOBs while Marines on patrol can’t lay down the volume of fire with the IAR that they can with a 200 round drum in a SAW.

  3. Awesome weapon and the best next generation rifle on the market. Next step coming updating M-16A4s with free floating barrels.

  4. Squads or platoons can just get a team of 31’s attached with 240’s for the volume, if theyre in a tic the 240 will set a base of fire and the maneuver element can move with the IAR’s or vise versa. The nutsack Bo mentioned would make this baby a quick deadly engaging MONSTER

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