Actress Linda Hamilton attends the Marine Corps Birthday Ball


Linda Hamilton, left, attends the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with Sgt. Ray Lewis on Saturday, Oct. 29, in Westlake, Texas. (Released photo)

As this Marine Corps Times story outlines, at least five celebrities are expected to attend Marine Corps birthday balls as the service celebrates its 236th birthday this week.

The first of those balls was Saturday night. Actress Linda Hamilton, 55, best known for her role in the Terminator, attended a ball with Sgt. Ray Lewis, a combat correspondent. She asked to go after Lewis hilariously asked Golden Girl Betty White, 89, in a video posted to YouTube in July.

As you can see in the following photo, Hamilton got out on the dance floor, too:

Smooth moves, sergeant.


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  1. I am the daughter of a marine and a god-daughter of two marines. They instilled in me the pride for my marine roots, and pride in my country and her people. I am so very glad that I grew up in this manner. If I didn’t, I would not be the person that I am today. Long may she wave! OOhhh-rahhh!

  2. It’s very cool to be able to rub shoulders with famous people, folks who are really well known, well liked, well respected the world over. Greatness sort of rubs off on you when you’re so close to it. So OF COURSE Ms Hamilton wanted to spend an evening with the United States Marine Corps. Who wouldn’t? Honor, Courage, Commitment Marines, and Happy Birthday!

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  4. makingfunoftheboot on

    @ the post from waytofolloworders, it was an ALMAR not a MARADMIN that was released on 1 Nov. This ball was in Oct before that message was released. Good job retard in looking like a boot.

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