Marine Lt. Gen. Dennis Hejlik just launched a blog


Lt. Gen. Dennis Hejlik. (Marine Corps photo)

One of the Marine Corps’ most senior officers has just joined the revolution.

The blogging revolution, that is. On the eve of the Corps’ birthday, Lt. Gen. Dennis Hejlik posted his first entry on the new Marine Corps Forces Command Commander’s Blog. He also laid out his plans for the site:

I recently have come to appreciate blogs as a way a leader can share his thoughts while also collecting feedback from a broad group with a wide variety of perspectives. I’ve been particularly impressed with the United States Fleet Forces Command Blog started by Admiral J.C. Harvey, and my goal here is to pursue a similar course.

I plan to use the Marine Corps Forces Command Blog to offer my perspective on a variety of issues – from topics as broad as the future of the Marine Corps, to personal observations on leadership. At times, I will open these ruminations to comment in the interests of meaningful two-way communication. Other times, I will not. (It’s my blog, I can do that.)

It’ll be interesting to see where the general takes it. Harvey’s blog offers a mixture of observations and situation reports, allowing the admiral to draw attention to naval exercises and other military operations as he sees fit. Hejlik said in his initial post that he will be posting regularly about the forthcoming Bold Alligator exercise in the next few months, but he’ll touch on other things, too.


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I'm a senior writer with Marine Corps Times, covering ground warfare, manpower, weapons acquisition and other beats. I embedded in Afghanistan in spring 2010, and plan to return at least once in 2011.


  1. […]Lieutenant General Dennis J. Hejlik, USMC is the current commanding general of Fleet Marine Forces, Atlantic; Marine Corps Bases, Atlantic; and United States Marine Corps Forces Command. Until early 2008, Hejlik commanded the newly established Marine Special Operations Command.[….]

  2. So proud of you & all that you have done for our country & also to the Hejlik family. There is no one like you Denny! Keep it going strong!! Hugs & love always to you & Sandy!

  3. Jean Clancy Waugh on

    Always proud of you and Sandy, Denny. Can’t wait to visit about your adventures. My son, Chad, continues to be proud of his time in the Navy. Herb’s son, currently in the Marines. We need you to keep us safe here at home! Thank you!

  4. Melissa Kodani on

    Hi Uncle Denny! Let Stacy and I know when you and Aunt Sandy will be in Germany next. I’m back in Wiesbaden and we would love to see you guys! Missy (Hejlik)

  5. So proud of you Uncle Denny and all of you have done for our BIG family and our country! Hope to see you soon!

    -Sara (Hejlik)

  6. Sheri Weaver-Isvik on

    So proud to know you! The entire town is in awe of all your accomplishments and service to our country! May God bless you and Sandy for your lifelong dedication to help us continue to enjoy living in the land of the free!

  7. Debra Utt-Johnson on

    What a nice surprise to see your blog. Good to hear you are doing well. I will be checking for updates…hugs.

  8. Margaret Reinhard on


    Read about you all the time you are amazing. Brother Jim and I plan on coming out this fall to see you all. It’s been awhile.

    Margaret in Denver

  9. Jim & Audra McEnany on

    So very proud of you and Sandy as always. Mom and Dad and Joe and Millie are smiling down upon you two! We love you!!!! Jim and Audra

  10. It will be interesting to see what the General discusses regarding leadership principles and leading Marines. I look forward to his inspirational comments and information.

  11. Cliff Boutwell on

    God bless you and your familiy Sir. I had the pleasure of serving under your command as a CPL in 1st BN 2nd MAR. I still carry your leadership traits to this day and continue to pass them along to those under my charge. I consider it an honor to know you on that level. I will never forget your “speed walking” as will many under your charge. Semper Fi Sir.

  12. Curtis Beahn on

    Lost track of you and Sandy after your discharge in 1972 (H&MS-31). Congratulations on your storied “second” career.

    Thank you and your family (we know they also serve) for your service. God bless & Semper Fi.

    former Sgt Curtis G Beahn

  13. former Sgt. Jose A. Dominguez, Jr. on

    Congratulations, Gen. Hejlik, on your most recent accomplishments! I was your Personnel Chief in your 1st command (E 2/5, 1st MarDiv) in 1977-78. I was a young Sgt. then. I’m still anticipating your appointment as Commandant! Best wishes, Sir!!

  14. Carlos Austin SSgt/USMC (former) on

    Sir, I’ve been following your career from the sideline and I’m very proud of all your accomplishments. I am honored to have served under your command at 1st Bn/2nd Mar ’93 to ’93 (Cpl Austin-Diaz).

    Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice to our country and our Corps. Semper Fi!

    …and Happy retirement…

  15. I too have followed your career and am proud to have served with you in Millington Tenn. Truly enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with you Tommy and your sister in St. Louis.

    Keep up the great work. Semper Fi

  16. arnold crane on

    Denny: Have been involved with JCOC for a couple of years. Have thought of you many times over the years whenever I am in DC, Chicago, or Longboat Key where I now spend most of the year.

    Googled you and found your blog. My warmest regards, Arnold

    Arnold Crane,

    Retired from the law practice some years ago but am still an active member of the White House News PHotogs Assn.,

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