Justin Timberlake on the Marine Corps ball: ‘I will never forget it’


Cpl. Kelsey De Santis and her date Justin Timberlake applaud retired Sgt. Maj. Ralph Larsen at the Instructor Battalion Marine Corps Birthday Ball on Nov. 12 in Richmond, Va. (Photo by Lance Cpl. Emmanuel Ramos)

By now, you’ve probably heard that Justin Timberlake did indeed attend a Marine Corps birthday ball last night in Richmond, Va., with Cpl. Kelsey De Santis. The Corps has released the photograph above, and there are others floating around online.

Timberlake just weighed in on the experience on his website. To say he appreciated the evening would appear to be an understatement. A passage from his note:

To all of you that serve every day for us… Ensuring our freedom, I say: My deepest gratitude to you. I’ve met so many of my heroes… From Michael Jordan to Michael Jackson. And, nothing makes me feel more honor and pride than when I get to meet one of you. Last night changed my life and I will never forget it.

It’s well worth reading the entire message.

UPDATE: 9:50 a.m., Nov. 14: De Santis posted a single message on Twitter about the experience here:

The ball was epic! Had a wonderful time.


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  1. When you have less than 5 medals, they just get thrown in line like that instead of stacked. Had mine professionally mounted, and they look like that.

  2. She is a Marine. Someone who protects our country, regardless of being a “boot” or not. So what that she’s pretty, So what that her medals are not mounted, so what that her Sgt and above didn’t inspect her before her going out in the media’s eye. If she continues to stay with the corps, she will deploy. She will place herself inharms way. She is a Marine regardless of your opinions…

  3. Gonzo3469 – its the factor that she failed to up hold the highest responsibility as a NCO. So if my opinions don’t matter how do yours? So take your own advice shut your mouth and walk on….

  4. Marine always miss the point. Instead of seeing a great story here, they want to quible about medals being mounted and who is a boot and who isn’t. Sigh. Isn’t it good that a major celebrity really kind of “get’s it,” about some of the great experiences we Marine have been a part of? There really isn’t any need for hostility and negativity.

  5. if a Marine wears his or her uniform, he or she should do their best to have a great looking uniform. She obviously didn’t care and her command doesn’t seem to care either.

  6. She looks like shit, and everyone is looking at the picture, way to represent, pog. She might deploy, but the only way she will be in harms way is if Leatherneck gets mortared.

  7. Dan, there is NO way for a “major celebrity” to “get it”. he has never stepped foot in the shoes of the Marines, event if he has done “visits” over to USO green zones. The only ones that understand are FELLOW MARINES. Also if she took pride in getting her nails and hair done. why could she not take the time to square away her uniform?

  8. Wow, she gets J.T. to come to a Marine Corps Ball and most of you guys just bash her? Why? Are you jealous? Who did you bring to the ball? Your fat dependent? Haha, a little food for thought for all of you that chose to judge.

  9. So what, she brought a ceebrity, that doesn’t mean she can look like nasty. Its the ball, the biggest celebration for the Marine Corps.

  10. Because of her not being squared away we will all have a uniform inspection this week.

    Aaron… They are NOT mounted. They are individual medals put on seperatley so that they look like shit!

  11. I’m glad Mr. Timberlake came to the ball and I think he’s a good musician and a gentlemen. The fact is that Marines notice everything and she should make sure her uniform is squared away. Anyone who thinks real Marines are jealous are shit bags just like Cpl de Santis. Do yourself a favor and EAS when it’s time…

  12. I’m fairly certain they look that way because her boobs are throwing the alignment off. No one is dumb enough to that fully fail to align their shit. And on top of everything else, so what if she is a female and will likely not see harm, and so what if she is “boot”? She’s a United States Marine. This drivel, over who is the hardest undercuts who we actually are. You all know better than that. The most important title whe have is United States Marine, but as always haters will hate

  13. Old School NBC, 5711 on

    Why should she spend the money out of her pocket to get her medals mounted? At the Commandant’s Ball on Saturday I saw First Sergeants, Colonels and Brigadier Generals with their medals on a regular old bar. CMC and SMMC would probably not have their medals mounted if their offices did not come with a uniform budget to do so. The medals on the bar are the medals she was presented with(on further inspection they might be store bought anodized versions, but still), although it looks like her Good Cookie would be the only true personal award that she has earned, they are the authentic thing versus paying someone to mount them all pretty like.

    I think it is awesome that Cpl. De Santis showed the guts and gumption of a true Marine to ask Justin Timberlake to her Ball, even if he is a tool. And i think that his reaction to his experience was a credit to her unit and the Corps.

  14. The Corporal looks outstanding and should not be critisiced by you pool room pogues & sea lawyers. Most of your “kind” can only run your mouths from afar and would never have the juice to say anything to someones face. If brains were dynamite I doubt you could blow your collective noses.

  15. Her medals do look like crap, and you guys are absolutely right, she should have had her uniform looking completely by the book perfect, because she was definitely going to be in the spotlight with a high profile date like that; but not just because of that, because shes a damn marine, so if she is supposed to be the same as the grunts that shed their blood in combat well then shed better spend the loads of free time she has state-side to perfect her uniform for the ball

  16. Mark- Obviously for those Marines who DON’T have boobs. You’ve never had to deal with the hassle of trying to line them up straight the irregular slope that comes from having breasts. Even if they were mounted or perfectly straight the alignment will looked warped depending on what angle you look at and the fact that some metals will rest on the boobs and the other will be hanging to the side. In the picture it is obvious that the two medals are perched on her chest giving them a pushed up appearance while the third medal is hanging off to the side making it appear lower than the rest. So unless you were there to inspect them in person I suggest you hold you accusations from what you saw in one picture.

    It is absolutely ridiculous that so much criticism is displayed on her metal placement and speculation if she’ll ever see danger in a deployment. That aspect exists for every Marine male or female, grunt or airwing. You can be pushing paper one day and the next your sent out on deployment for a security detachment with minimal training. That’s why we’re Marines first and foremost not a damn MOS description.

    It’s one thing to put a Marine on check and get them squared away but publicly slamming them over the internet not only doesn’t solve anything, and worse it breaks down unit cohesion and camaraderie. If you truly had an issue with the Corporal’s uniform you should have contacted her or her unit and address the issue. Otherwise your just blowing hot air to make your self feel more hard core than you really are.

  17. Notastupidgrunt on

    Why dont you dumb bullet sponges get back to work? Grunts are retarded, enjoy that job working at mcdonalds when you EAS losers.

  18. Mona, they are clearly individual medals not mounted on a bar properly. Boobs or no boobs it doesn’t make a difference. They look like shit. If they were properly mounted they would be in a straight line. I mean you’re using her boobs as an excuse for her looking like shit… please, get real. Sorry for all of our attention to detail… I thought Marines were supposed to excel in that area.

  19. Wow, you all are ridiculous. Jonathan, especially you. Maybe we should just get females out of the Corps huh? I’m sure your a friggin boot as well. How long have you been in, five seconds? Probably so, to say something as ignorant as that. Lets just think for a minute. The Corporal works at instructor BN at TBS. That’s full of grunts and Combat engineers. Lets think, she probably instructs Marine Corps Martial Arts, which means she could probably kick most of your asses. Secondly, maybe her medals do look a little crooked, who friggin cares?!!! Have you looked at the rest of her? She is squared away, her uniform fits perfectly, she’s not over weight standards and her hair is well within regulation and beautiful! I’m sure most of your are just jealous because your fat asses could never even have a chance to get with a fine young Marine like herself, or your just a fat ass. Take a look in the mirror, stop judging others and concentrate on making yourself better.

    I think it’s awesome that she had the balls to get on you tube and ask JT to come to the ball with her. And don’t forget the fact that he actually came!!! That is a once in a lifetime experience for them both, and you all are just a bunch of immature bastards. I’m a female, have been in for 12 years, have several more medals than the Corporal, have them professionally mounted by thin ribbons.com and they still hang crooked!!! That’s what happens when you have breasts over the size of AA!!! Get over it douche bags!

  20. Well said Amber! Also dont forget, last kelly de saints MMA match ended in a first round KO victory for the female your bashing there guys. This woman is lovely and fierce.

  21. some ribbons are longer than others so some ppl actually have different length. They are not all the same believe me i know

  22. Old School NBC, 5711 on

    Paying to get your medals mounted is not attention to detail, it is paying someone to one up the regulations. Back in the 80’s there were no boot camp medals like the National Defense and GWOT Medals, but I know on Parris Island today, those medals are not mounted for the Final Battalion Commander’s Inspection. If unmounted is good enough for that inspection, they are more than good enough for a Unit Ball in the Fleet.

    Also find it funny to see folks call a Cpl. with a hash mark on her cuff and a Good Cookie on her sizable chest, a “boot”. Sure she is junior to many, but she is no Boot.

  23. Hey, notastupidgrunt, I’d like to know what you’re doing or are doing after your EAS, because I’m balling six figures right now doing all that “stupid grunt” shit that you seem to be better than.

  24. Good for her for having the guts to ask out JT. Bad on her and her command for not inspecting her uniform when everyone and their mother knew the spotlight would be on her. When she decided to ask him to the ball, she decided that she was going to represent the Marine Corps. When you do that, you do it right. Spend the 30 bucks to get your medals mounted. I have two female Marines that work in my shop and both say her medals look like shit. Boobs or no boobs, you dont use sex as an excuse. That is coming from two of her fellow NCO’s.

    And for those of you who say the medals dont matter, well you were a shitbag and got out (thank you), or you need to get out. If its ok for her to wear her medals like that (especially while in the spotlight), then it should be ok to not get a haircut every week, or shave everyday, because it would be good enough right? Fucking POGs.


  25. Her medals were mounted according to the MC order on uniform regs, that’s all that is required. She looks good and I’m proud of her…. talk to me when you graduate DI school.

  26. @Old School NBC,

    I was not aware that the Battalion Commanders Inspection was done in Dress Blue Alphas… or are you saying that they are inspected in their Service Alphas with medals?

    Also… since when do Marines recieve their GWOT Service medal in bootcamp… since never.

  27. Old School NBC, 5711 on

    I have no idea when the GWOT medal is given out, but every 2nd Lt and PFC at the Ball had one this year, so I figured it must be a boot camp medal the way the National Defense Medal became one after we got back from Desert Storm. Maybe I am just too old school, for back in the day of just a decade and a half ago, no one had mounted medals except a few offiers for their dress whites and the Drill Team. For those saying it is only thirty bucks, I would like to know where. Looked into just getting my misely five mounted as minatures for my tux and would have been $98. Mounted medals are no more doing it right than getting a ridiculous, and out of regulation, horseshoe high and tight. You can do it if you really want, but there is zero requirement for it. She looked great, she is an outstanding Marine by all accounts, and she brought positive attention to the Corps. Too bad all WM’s (and most male Marines) can’t measure up to her.

  28. Old School NBC, 5711 on

    And there was a time in the 90’s when the final inspection was in Blue Alphas, mine was in Service Alphas and our two prior service recruits in my platoon wore their medals. They were not mounted.

  29. Jez. it’s 3 medals. If someone mounted 3 medals back in my day they would be the laughing stock of the platoon. What’s next? Giving her crap for wearing, or not wearing, perfume?

    …Some of the comments remind me how petty some folks can be.

  30. What a bunch of trolls. Mark and the other guy who cant seem to get over it must be upset they couldnt take JT to the ball. Maybe next year guys, that allowed now, just make sure your uniform looks good or people will think your hypocrites.

  31. How is that being a troll? All I did was make the OBVIOUS observation that she’s jacked up. If you are ok with her looking like garbage to the public well than good on you. I just hope you are in no leadership role. You are a troll for saying it is ok. Eat it.

  32. Mark, all that is obvious is your lack of tact. The image is shot from an upward angle of +10 to 20 degrees(or so)–not at eye level where I am quite confident her medals make the appropriate horizontal plane. Corporal De Santis’s tunic breaks to meet her armpit and the outermost medal reflects that natural break. From this shot angle the flattening of a 3 dimensional surface to a 2 dimension image would skew the outer medal irrespective of whether the medals were mounted or not. Perhaps if she was over 6 ft tall and 150 lbs she would be broad chested enough for them to lay flat. Quit being a troll and salute this Corporal for doing something that was good for the Corps.

  33. @Mike_S It doesn’t matter how in depth your bs is… it still looks like shit. If you are ok with that… well than maybe you’re a shit bag too.

  34. I bet if Mila Kunis was on this pic next to a Marine, they would just skip judging him and just look at how beautiful Mila is. Who gives you the right to judge your own sister in arms in a bad way and make it public? Most of you are probably against female in the corps. This is about the what the story contain. Did you guys even read what Mr. Timberlake wrote? I have and I am not even in the Marine Corps and I am proud to be your Doc serving alonside you all. Maybe you guys should too! Cpl De Santis deserves praise because she is a good example of a great marine who is proud to be one of the few! Semper fi.

  35. Medals looking like that is defienetely her breasts fault, nothing can be done about that and anyone whos been around females in our Marine Corps should know this.

  36. I like how it’s all men saying its her breasts’ fault for not having them mounted.

    And old school NBC, I don’t know how much three metals cost to get mounted, but (as I am squared away) I just got my 11 metals mounted for 70. I’m guessing three metals would cost half that at most?

    If Mila Kunis was standing next to a Male Marine who was jacked up I would call it out on him. It’s called equal opportunity. It’s 2011, get with it lol.

  37. I saw her pics on popular military, and its bad. Not closed to being aligned, and wrinkled. Even a 99 cent bar from the PX would have been an improvement. I had one when I had only a few ribbons.

  38. What an amazingly poor reaction to an obviously special evening. This thread will become a great recruiting tool for any of the services -except- the Marines. I’ll have to save it for my high school sons.

  39. she’s got a hashmark! Over four years and no bar? she must have had one for her service uniform, she just need to switch from ribbons to metals. Good on her for getting some fame, but I looked better everyday of the week, than she did at the ball.

    And to those who say we are being hard on her, were Marines!! were hard on everyone.

  40. David, if you want your sons to be sloppy then yes another service is right for them. Generally (I say that because the amount of so-called Marines on this strand), Marines hold themselves to a higher standard, striving to be the best, look the best, and have that attention to detail that sets us apart. That is both on and off the battlefield.

  41. 4 year Corporal, no deployments what a joke. our nation’s been at war for 10 years now and she hasn’t managed to find her way into the fight. she has however managed to stay out of the fight by teaching MCMAP at Quantico. What a benefit she is to the Corps, giving people all the courage they need to get their tails kicked at a bar.

  42. The medals look bad. Really bad. It sets a bad precedence when you see garbage like this posted to the internet. Nails look like they were taken care of. It also looks like she spent quite a bit of time on her hair. It takes personal effort these days to not be able to deploy, although some find loopholes. I bet any photos with her MCMAP belt would look squared away with the red tab in line and all. MCMAP is a baby program compared to the 236 years of the Marine Corps. All I see is a Corporal who doesn’t have her priorities straight. It may be because MACE school at Quantico lets their people walk around all jacked up because everyone thinks if they correct these backyard ninjas they will want to fight. I’ve known two people with the red stripe. One was a glory hound who just wanted that check in the box, and the other wanted everyone to think he was cooler. Neither did anything with it. Booyah!

  43. I can look past the messed up medals, I just want to see her boobs. I bet she is a dyke, did she bump uglies with timberlake……probably not DADT 4 life! Chesty would be proud! Why die go supply.

  44. David(the first one) on

    To all you trolls, have fun becomming that douche bag gunny that sits at the PX on weekends and waits all day for one boot to walk in with flip flops on. You guys seriously have no lives trying to square away people via the internet. What you dont get is this is supposed to be an event that reflects posatively on the Marine Corp and you idiots are viewing it out of context. 99.9 percent of the people viewing any of the pictures of her and JT from the ball dont care about her freaking medals or how they are alligned.

    Take a look at the bigger picture!….this is why your grunts, your not smart enough to get your heads out of your ass and take a look about what it means over all. Just because you see it, doesnt mean the public will. Square yourselves away, keep YOUR marines squared away, and stop complaining about things you cant effect.

  45. So I got a question…..Why would a celeb want to go to a ball with someone that has not even legitimately served their country? She is a typical deployment dodger like a lot of the Marines around the USMC these days. And for all the “dumb grunt” comments….I would love to see half of you lazy POGS do what we do. We make calls that put others’ lives in jeopardy; you make calls that mess up peoples pay and leave. We fight wars, you fight stacks of paper. So the next time you want to make a “dumb grunt” comment, think about the ones that are actually fighting a war. Watch out for those paper cuts.

  46. David… Your Marine Corps of close enough, isn’t the one I want to be a part of… Picture this “I count 11 Marines reentering the wire… I thought we stepped off with 12? Oh well, close enough…”

    Thats why the small things matter… “Did I CLP my rifle before patrol… Oh well, I did it a few days ago… Close enough…”

    David I don’t know if you ever were a NCO, but that leadership approach is what can lead to lose of life… That is the same reason the Marine Corps is a better War machine, than the other branches… We care about the details ( Don’t be Mad they are picking her apart…Those who are doing that are the same Marines that will notice that the Knucklehead to your left doesn’t have his safety on and corrects him before a round goes into your leg…)



  47. D1 – Your Marine Corps of close enough, isn’t the one I want to be a part of… Picture this “I count 11 Marines reentering the wire… I thought we stepped off with 12? Oh well, close enough…”

    Thats why the small things matter… “Did I CLP my rifle before patrol… Oh well, I did it a few days ago… Close enough…”

    David I don’t know if you ever were a NCO, but that leadership approach is what can lead to lose of life… That is the same reason the Marine Corps is a better War machine, than the other branches… We care about the details ( Don’t be Mad they are picking her apart…Those who are doing that are the same Marines that will notice that the Knucklehead to your left doesn’t have his safety on and corrects him before a round goes into your leg…)



  48. David(the first one) on

    I admit it, i think grunts are dumb. You can sit there and praise yourself about how your the ones doing all the fighting all you want, and your narrow grunt brain wont allow you to see it any other way. Fact is theres been POG’s acting as provisional infantry for years. I know, you guys are sooooo much better at being riflemen than any POG, but guess what, that POG can also fix a truck(correctly), work a warehouse, and yes, fix your pay. Fact is your expendable, we all are, just so happens they train EVERY marine(including the Cpl your bashing) as a rifleman.

    It’s a system that works pretty well. Every POG job is out the to support you, the grunt. In return you guys are the ones who sign up to take most of the bullshit. My problem is this, I have no problem admiting that. For some reason the grunt way of life teaches that the only Marines worth a damn are grunts, whereas with POG’s we areant that clueless. We see the Marine Corp as a whole, and sadly you cant see outside of your little spectrum.

    Another thing, meritorious boards for POG’s include not only knowing male uniform regulations but also female ones as well, because how are you an effective leader without being able to correct all your marines. I know this isnt a problem for 03’s, but it explains why its pretty stupid to base whether or not someone is a “shitbag” when you dont have any perspective.

    Also, ive been out for about two years now, had a great time while I was in. There are some rude awakenings out there for some of you on this thread. You need to wise up and learn some tact, because your attitude is just going to hurt you in the civilian world.

    All that being said, I know there are some intelligent grunts out there with better things to do than complain about someones uniform on the internet. I lived on base I had good friends who were grunts, and they were great guys. Sadly though, out of all the places ive been, the marines has more freaking assholes than anywhere. Try not to be one of them.

    Just my opinion, you can have yours and I can have mine. You can say what you want, and I can say what I want, and in the end isnt that ONE of the things we’ve all fought/are fighting/will fight for?

  49. Dear nasty civilian, david one,:

    You spelled Marine Corps wrong on multiple occassions! Keep your LONG opinions to yourself nobody cares. And POG’s are like jock straps, they support the grunts. When was the last time you saw a female Marine step on an IED. They don’t cause THEY AREN’T THERE! West West YO!

    R/S A terminal Lance Corporal

  50. Im a Proud POG and stationed at a Grunt unit.. you bitches cant even work a fax machine or copier.. You have no future outside the Marine Corps…

  51. Hey “POG”. Once a marine always a marine, but whether you like it or not evryone eventually becomes a “nasty civilian”. Your one of the people who have a rude awakening comming.

  52. The shit pogs worry about… That’s why your all my dismounts in sangin! Meat before metal pussies! Then you can actually earn your CAR’s that you care about so much you punk ass fob-loving ribbon chasers

  53. Really you guys are going to penalize her for 3 medals it’s not worth mounting. When she deploys overseas then I can see that so calm down stop being a hater I do not see this Corporal being fat or nasty in any other way, but if you get to see her in person tell her what you think she could of done since you voice yourself so big on the website.

  54. Screw all your gay pog opinions! That’s why your gf’s are ashamed of you and leave your pussy asses cause they meet us! Let’s get some pics of her in some green on green silkies! Short tight silkies for all Walking Mattresses! Woo hoo!

    ; D

  55. Got ice ice tricks tricks hoes hoes money on

    Out of the 10 FET hoes we had attached to us 2 didn’t pass themselves out to banged by the FOB, they gave blowjays instead heh heh! 🙂 speaks a thousand words about female marines attached to 03’s, well in general I would say

  56. No one is pointing her out because we are jealous that she took a celeb to the ball. Good for her. I don’t care.

    No one is pointing her out because we are jealous that she is some badass MMA fighter and MCMAP ninja. MCMAP is for p—– and is one of the biggest wastes of money that the Marine Corps has. Thats because if it came done to MCMAP to save my life, that means everyone else is dead, radios broken, no QRF, no more ammo, I have attached bayonets to my Marines rifles and thrown them like spears, used my own as a baseball bat, and now I am sparring with the enemy. Complete waste of money. Anyways no one gives a sh–shes a red tab or a fighter.

    No one is pointing her out because she is a pog and hasnt deployed. If it was a grunt I am sure everyone here (besides the pogs defending her) would be just as critical of the Marine. Like 0321 said, if he showed up without his medals mounted, his command would have his ass.

    Side note… I work in a POG unit. Not one time ever has a POG pulled the dumb grunt card, at least to my face. Which is fine because spineless people dont bother me because obviously they are afraid. Now I have met a lot of good Marines who wished they were Grunts and hate their box kicking job, admin job, ect. There are some smart ones and some dumb ones, and every once and awhile I (Grunt) have to show them how to use a copy machine or to help them fix a printer. So just because you are a POG doesnt mean that you are any better (or worse) than a Grunt. You just chose to play a different position on the team. With all that said, there are some dumb fucking Grunts. The stereotype if you will. But if stereotypes are the only thing you go off of you are pretty ignorant. That goes for both Grunts and POGs. Anyways back to the matter at hand…

    No one is pointing her out because we are loser/lifers/the gunny at the px on a saturday…. We are pointing her out because its the right thing to do. Like a fresh haircut Monday morning, fresh shave everyday, no holes in your cammies, ect… I have been asking Marines in my unit if there was anything wrong with her uniform. Immediately they point out her medals with a slew of different comments. I also showed my gf (who is a hot Cali girl not a linebacker) and my civilian buddy who both also pointed out her medals not being straight. So civilians could point it out as well.

    And if you are one of the people who dont think she should of spent thirty dollars (which is more than it would cost to mount 3 medals) or that three medals dont need to be mounted… Back in the old Corps I guess it didnt matter, but in todays Corps that is sub-standard.

    This (cant say young as she has a hashmark) Corporal isnt to blame. Her fellow NCO’s and mainly her SNCO’s failed her and it reflects upon them as poor leadership. But I bet you they know how to do an arm bar 13 different ways…


  57. Also for the record for some of the previous comments about every Marine being a rifleman, able to go to battle, and be used as provisional rifle companies, ect. That is all true. But…

    Every Marine is a rifleman, but not every Marine is an Infantryman.

  58. Ok so this is a late one but hear me out…….I was at the ball in question …..I don’t know cpl desantis personally but I’ve seen her around and didn’t really pay her or her date any attention……I was too busy getting S—–!!!! With my wife and fellow-belleau-woods-men …..any ways I digress…….while her medals look f—ed up in the picture I can not say for sure if they were or not …… But if they were she wasn’t the only one I can assure you……..there were f—ed up devils o plenty……and you are right its because no one inspects their marines before the ball…..wel I know of one section that did but it didn’t help……all the MOTO f—ers out there would have dulled both of your knife hands in like 20 minutes……..the problem is marines with no pride in their appearances ever in uniform …… And that all stems from wash and wear cammies and suede boots…….if you ask me the marine corps got what they asked for by creating a lazy ass generation of marines…….and as far as mounting medals…….quit being a lazy f—er and do them yourself ……. I did mine and they looked gangsta as f—

  59. I’m sure after all these comments, Mila Kunis’ date tomorrow will be [] away. ie: turn dress blue uniform inside-out and ip that too, etc…


  60. Damn. All you guys complain about her misrepresenting the Corps, when all the civilians can read this stupid banter back and forth about grunts, POGs, WMs’, yada yada yada.

    Her ribbons do look jacked, but it’s nothing compared to the crap you all are spouting.

  61. Ok first of all she is a POG who couldn’t get her medals mounted when she knew that the camera would be on her shame on her SNCOs for letting that happen. For all the people standing up for her she didn’t even come up with an original idea. At least that sgt did it on fighting grounds she did it on broken rubber pieces at the MACE. She doesn’t fight for our freedom she fights people at the MACE and is looking for a way to make money outside the Corps. Everyone was hating on JT for not getting his beard cut but uhh he aint a marine idiots. She’s a joke with get off JT and correct that d bag

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