Video documentary: 1/5 Marines cover Sangin in 17 minutes



This video is a keeper.

Using the unit’s motto “Make Peace or Die” as a title, Combat Camera from 1st Battalion, 5th Marines has produced and posted this high quality video documentary of the unit’s seven treacherous months in Sangin, a bomb-infested district in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

During the 2011 deployment from April through October, 1/5 fought hard and got dirty. The unit lost 17 Marines and had close to 200 wounded and still never stopped charging forward.  The video is edited with arresting still images of Marines on patrol, talking with Afghans, watching explosions, crossing rivers and caring for their wounded. It’s all interwoven with on-camera interviews with Marines of all ranks and gripping footage of operations.

For now, 1/5 is back at Camp Pendleton, Calif.


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  1. Very moving video. It makes a person remember what is still going on in the world aswe watch mobs attack stores on Black Friday and the 99% rioting because they are not getting free food.

  2. A truly poignant video that truly makes us see and feel the reality of what our Marines are doing in Afghanistan. I agree with GySgtF that is gives us a perspective that is hard to accept….most of America is clueless…..thank God for our Marines! Thank God for our military and the 1% who serve with honor and distinction. RIP Marines…..17 souls soaring with the angels watching over us.

  3. I am truly honoured I was able to get the chance to serve with 1/5 during my deployment to Sangin. I got the chance to meet alot of these guys and serve them to the best of my ability everytime one of them needed help when they came to the BAS/STP. Thank you for all you did during this rough 7 months in one of the most hostile enviroments in the world.

  4. These men did a great tour of duty and gave it all. My son was assigned to 1/5 so I am especially thankful for what these marines did. I am also glad he is home but will always hurt for the families that lost loved ones. After 36 years in the Army and having the honor to serve all over the place from Vietnam to Dessert Storm and such, I know what these Marines gave to get this mission done. Make Peace of Die!

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