Video: 1/6 Marines under fire in Kajaki, Afghanistan


There’s no sugar-coating this one: the Marine Corps just shared video footage of an ugly day in Kajaki, the district in northern Helmand province that has been the site of some of the Corps’ most violent fighting recently.

The following five-minute video was posted to YouTube, showing Marines with 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, out of Camp Lejeune, N.C., taking fire at Patro Base Georgetown. They’re shown engaging insurgent fighters armed with AK47s, sniper rifles and 30mm indirect fire. At least one Marine is hurt by an artillery shell exploding.


The base is on the far edge of the Corps’ area of operations, and faces threats that are more common in eastern Afghanistan. Chief among them: Marines take fire in Kajaki from mountain caves, something that doesn’t exist much in central Helmand province.

The bottom line: Kinetic activity in central Helmand has dwindled, but there’s still plenty of fight left in the Taliban to the north.


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