Largest explosion ever at Army post … courtesy of Marines


Soldiers at Fort Benning, Ga., an Army post about 90 miles south of Atlanta, were treated to a gargantuan BOOM recently by the Leathernecks who train there.

An Army TV news correspondent starts her report by saying the U.S. Marine armor school detachment there,  “made history… by detonating some of the largest explosions Fort Benning has ever seen.”

A group of combat engineers was having some fun… er, conducting a training exercise with their mine clearing line charge, known as the MCLC and pronounced mik-lik,  from their assault breacher vehicle and set off the kind of awesome explosion that makes boys and girls want to be in the military.

The 10-week assault breacher vehicle crewman’s course is new at Benning for Marine and Army combat engineers, who learn to use the machine that’s already shown its value in operations in Afghanistan, where it was used for the first time in combat in 2009. The Maine Corps had it first… now the Army’s getting it.

In the video, lead instructor Staff Sgt. Bobby Stone describes how he saw the MCLC in action in Marjah when he was there with 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines.  Said it saved lives.

“We’ve definitely made our mark today,” Stone says of the giant explosion at Benning.


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  1. “A group of combat engineers was having some fun… er” – LOL

    A friend of mine is retired special forces and he has some great stories of his guys blowing stuff up so they didn’t have to turn back in the explosives they checked out of training.

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