Katy Perry kisses …. a sailor?!


Pop star Katy Perry portrayed a Marine in her newest video, but when she performed at the Naval Academy last Friday night, it was all about playing sailor.

Perry, who said she was fighting a fever, performed in a sailor get-up. In this YouTube video she proceeds to recreate the iconic World War II-era image of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square. A lucky service member named “Beasely” plays the coveted role of sailor and promptly plants one on Perry’s kisser.

The crowd, of course, goes bananas.

ABC News offers more details.


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  1. she’s a singer and likes to play dress up. i mean really? did you think that she had any intention of creating a bond with the Marine Corps? she just had an idea and her publicist got the Corps to bite on her video.

    but any service would have done…

  2. I didn’t buy her bullshit for a minute, she’s an idiot playing the military to sell records, and all these fools were so in love with her when MC Times posted her stupid video on Battle Rattle a month ago, oh she so great and she represents the Marines so well blah blah!!! What a joke.. Go back and read some of those posts they will make you sick, bunch of narrow minded sheep. If Kim Kardashian dressed up like a Marine and sang some stupid song these clowns would think she was great too, freaking retards you know who you are!!!!

  3. She did shout out to the Marines and mentioned the video and spending some time at Camp Pendleton. And she said “Semper Fi” a few times. But it’s the Naval Academy — even those who are going to be Marine officers have to wear the Navy uniforms. Obviously it makes sense that she’d wear a Navy-themed outfit and choose a midshipman.

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