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  1. Paula- Marine Mama on

    I’m alarmed that this information is available. As much as I love seeing where my son is at, I want him safe during his deployment. OPSEC has been drilled into families, but here’s a place where anyone can see who and where they are. Scary in my opinion.

  2. as much as i slam Marine Times this is no threat and doesn’t violate OPSEC. general locations of units are easily found by doing a Google search on the units own web or facebook page. as a matter of fact this has been tradition of the Times until recently and now they’re just bringing it back. don’t believe me? take a look at some of your old Marine Times pages and they were doing a two page spread on this. so don’t worry…its no biggee

  3. nothing to worry about here with OPSEC, these locations of Marine Corps locations are very well known by ALL. TRUST ME, there are plenty of Marine infantry, avionics, logistical, joint, and special units that are not annotated here.

  4. No disrespect to All of Our Great Troops serving around the world…I suggest sending the map to the commander in chief, as he seems to be unaware of events around the world!!!

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