‘Terminal Lance’ Tuesdays: A day late, but worth the wait


Here we are. It’s Wednesday, and we’ve yet to post another “Terminal Lance” strip from the Marine Corps Times archive. It was only a matter of time, I suppose, before we dropped the ball on “Terminal Lance” Tuesdays. My apologies; we’ll do better.

So without further delay, here’s “Fun with Puns,” which first appeared in print in the Marine Corps Times dated July 4, 2011. Enjoy!

“Fun with Puns,” original pub date July 4, 2011
(Artwork by Maximilian Uriarte)

This issue contained numerous stories of import, including the annual re-enlistment bonus rates, a contentious proposal (since squashed) to have female Marines complete pullups as part of their Physical Fitness Test, and a first-hand report from Afghanistan about the first infantry battalion to take the new M27 infantry auto rifle into combat. (That’s all in one issue, friends. Marine Corps Times gets around, no?)

Anyhow, I think our most entertaining item that week detailed one lance corporal’s homage to then-brand-new Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Mike Barrett. Hyper-motivated by a speech Barrett gave in Okinawa, Lance Cpl. Caleb Music sent us a list of “facts” about the top enlisted Marine that would make the folks over at Chuck Norris Facts superbly envious — or simply indifferent, I’m not sure which. Among other feats Lance Cpl. Music attributed to SMMC Barrett:

*He has a drill instructor ribbon with “V” device.

* He can mount a bayonet on a MK19 grenade launcher — and employ it in close quarters battle. (It’s doubtful President Obama knew as much Monday night.)

* He led a PT run to Japan … when he was stationed in California.

You can click on the image above to read them all. Feel free to share the link, too. We’re all friends here.

So my question to you, readers, is this: Among Marines, why do lance corporals seem to have the best sense of humor?


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  1. You think Lance Corporals have the best sense of humor? Ba-ha-ha! You should hear what MGySgt’s laugh about.

    Tracy ( a Terminal E-9)

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