Fighter Diet’s Pauline Nordin joins Military Times as video blogger


Former body builder Pauline Nordin soon will begin producing instructional fitness videos for Military Times’ PT365 blog.
(Main image courtesy of Fighter Diet)

Regular readers of Marine Corps Times will remember Pauline Nordin, whom we put on our cover last year when the Corps expressed interest in forming a partnership with the former body builder. Well, starting soon the 30-year-old fitness guru will begin producing a series of instructional videos for Battle Rattle’s sister blog PT365.

Get the lowdown on this new project here.


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  1. Andrew:

    Did you folks even look into her credentials? She does not have a legitimate certificate in fitness training and she shut her fitness training business down according to her own admission.

    You guys are making a huge mistake and she is not a fitness guru. She has no degree, no NCCA accredited cert from folks like NASM, ACSM, or NSCA.

    You folks couldn’t get any legitimate trainer to do this that is still in the military?

    Even a little while ago, this Ms. Nordin was in the Marine Corps Times a second time, but the Marine Corps didn’t want to deal with her, but now Military Times wants to take a chance on an uneducated, unaccrdited, fitness model or figure model who’s only claim to fame is doing her fighter diet and selling her nutritional products?

    Where is the INTEGRITY that all of us military members have as part of our values?

    If you are doing to use someone, get a military membmer like SSG Ken Weichert, who is a legitimate Army Master Fitntess Trainer, has accredited ACE personal training certificate, and over 20+ years training soldiers and civilians with his own personal training business called START Fitness out of California and Tennessee.

    He is the fitness director for his Army National Guard for State of Tennessee and does blogs and videos for the military right now.

    You folks really messed up hiring this civilian with out vetting her properly…..I hope this doesn’t back fire on you folks at Blog PT365 or Military Times and you having to retracting your story Andrew.

    Not a good play with the backlash Ms. Nordin took in that last “sex kitten” article in Marine Corps Times.

    If Ms. Nordin reads this, she better hurry the hell up and get certified credentials or go back to college and get some reputable credentials to cover her behind.

    Otherwise, this whole thing is going to backfire on the Military Times.



    USA, Retired

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