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What is Oorah?

The classic trivia game show Jeopardy had a motivated night on Thursday with a second-round category titled “The United States Marines.”

Contestants Rebecca Rider, Brian Daner, and Tom Carroll could have used some time in history and heritage training; of the five questions in the category, they got two wrong.

Maybe they need more practice: a search of the fan-curated episode archive shows that while a category on Marine biology pops up about once a year, the last time the Corps got a dedicated category was 2009, when the National Museum of the Marine Corps was featured.  

See how you stack up against the contestants by taking your own shot at the clues from Thursday’s episode below. Remember to submit your answers in the form of a question. Highlight the space below the clue to see if you’re right, and see if the contestants got it too.

For $400: Recruitment for the first Marines was in this Penn. city’s Tun Tavern; its beer is still sold to Marines worldwide

What is Philadelphia? (Brian got this one right)

For $800: The red stripe on a marine’s blue trousers honors those lost in the Battle of Chapultepec in this war

What is the Mexican-American War? (Rebecca got this one right)

For $1600: Legend says Germans in WWI called Marines “Teufelshunde” , which led to this alliterative nickname

What are Devil Dogs? (Tom guessed “Hell Hounds.” Back to boot camp!)

For $2000: General James Amos is the 35th man in this highest marine post; that makes him one of the joint Chiefs

What is Commandant of the Marine Corps? (Brian got this one right)

Daily Double! Make a wager:  The Corps is usually at the vanguard in wartime, & one of its mottos is “first to” do this

What is fight? (Rebecca waged $3,200 on this, and guessed “advance.” NJP!)

The Jeopardy clue crew travels all over the world to get material for the show, according to But did they get the Blood Stripe clue right? Check out this column by Air Force Times writer Jeff Schogol (written while he was at Stars and Stripes) and let us know what you think.


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