From Kangaroo Flats to kayaks in the south of France: Your Marines around the globe



Take a look at what Marines are doing around the globe in our newly updated Status of Forces map! Highlights include:

  • Marines in Darwin, Australia conducting squad-attack exercises at a place called “Kangaroo Flats”
  • Some lucky Marines doing coalition exercises with French partners in kayaks in the Mediterranean
  • Urban crisis contingency training with local counterparts at Mihail Kogalniceanu Military Base, Romania.

Major moves:

  • About 160 reserve troops from Camp Lejeune’s R4OG (Retrograde and Redeployment in Support of Reset and Reconstitution Operations Group) deployed to Afghanistan this month, replacing an R4OG from Camp Pendleton.
  • About 200 Marines with Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force–Crisis Response, based at Moron Air Base, Spain, move to Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily due to growing unrest in the Libyan capital of Tripoli.
  • About 350 Marines with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force–Crisis Response train at Morón Air Base to support U.S. Africa Command.

Total status of forces:

  • Active duty: 193,957
  • Selected reserve: 39,589
    • Reservists on active duty: 2,457

Check out our full status of forces map here. And if you don’t see your unit represented, shoot me an email at


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