Marine Corps Systems Command orders mandatory modifications to USMC Pack Systems



Marine procurement officials have ordered mandatory modifications to some, but not all, USMC Pack Systems produced by Eagle Industries.

While packs produced by Propper International are unaffected, some by Eagle Industries require mandatory modifications to upper buckles on the shoulder harness assembly. Others also require mandatory modifications to the quick-release mechanisms that allow Marines to quickly doff their bags in an emergency.

Marine Corps Times is still working to determine why Product Manager Infantry Combat Equipment at Marine Corps Systems Command ordered the modifications and what problems were occurring in the field.

If you use the USMC Pack System, you must remove the shoulder harness assembly and locate the product label on the back to determine if your pack needs modifications.

Those with a dot or line in the upper left hand corner of the label and those that have reinforced stitching on top buckles don’t require modifications. Those with lot number EM 001 through EM 135 only require new top buckle adapters. Those with lot number EM136 through EM 211 also require both quick release adapters.

The USMC pack was first fielded in early 2012.


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  1. One of the issues is obvious when watching the videos – the stitching is not reinforced enough to stop the load lifters from tearing off at that point. Marines already reporting this issue, the other for the QR not too sure about.

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