Vandals spray paint “USMC sucks” on retired Marine’s car



A retired Marine said he nearly broke down in tears after finding his white Mercedes covered in black spray paint with messages like “Marines suck.”

Bart Gibson, of Fresno, Calif., told KMPH Fox 26 that he walked out to find his car destroyed last week. The vandals broke the car windows, slashed the soft top of the car and ripped mirrors off the sides. Inside the car, the vandals spray painted a black “X” across both of the front seats.

But most offensive were the words “Marines suck” spray painted in black across the trunk of the car and “USMC sucks” across the side of the car and the hood.

“I was just baffled when I walked out there and saw — I mean, I almost broke down and started crying because it was so offensive,” Gibson told KMPH.

Gibson served during the Vietnam War, according to KMPH, and now works as a licensed clinical social worker. His office is decorated with Marine Corps memorabilia, the news station reported.

He said he doesn’t know why his car was targeted, but that same day, he had affixed a license plate holder to his car that said “Semper Fidelis.”

“I think any other Marine — especially if they are currently active — would be incensed by seeing what they did to my car,” Gibson told KMPH. “I take great offense to what they wrote because I don’t view it as directed just at me, but I view it as towards my brothers and sisters in arms.”

So far, KMPH reported that no one has been caught in connection to the vandalism. There is reward of up to $1,000 for anyone that submits information that leads to an arrest. Anyone with information can contact Crimestoppers at (559) 498-STOP.

Gibson told KMPH that he invites the vandals to stop by his office so they can explain to him why they’re so angry at the Marine Corps.


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  1. Absolutely horrible. I feel for you my brother- I was Navy but we are both vets and I am appalled as well. Praying for you.


    “Big Dog”

  2. We veterans need to band together and make sure this reward is more then $1000, someone will turn in these

    morons if the price is right……

    Phil “Gunny Z”

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  4. Pingback: WATCH: Vandals spray paint ‘USMC sucks’ on retired Marine’s car — OFFduty+

  5. Something just doesn’t smell right about this. I bet it turns out to be a personal issue with someone that has nothing to do with the Corps. I may be way off base, but probably not…. Either way, Semper Fi Doc! Hope the perp is caught!

  6. I agree about increasing the reward, they should set up an account, or give us a website or number to call. I will donate. Also he can put up some posters around town “Reward” for info leading to arrest and conviction of SCUMBAGS who vandalized my car.”

  7. VA Marine Mom on

    This is a sad commentary on our world, where human garbage destroys someone else’s property, and if that isn’t bad enough, has to make it even MORE personal by insulting the owner and the Corps!! I hope they catch these dirtbags, and soon! Semper Fi, sir, and please know that there are PLENTY of us who do appreciate your service!!

  8. April (sister-in-law of victim) on

    This is truly a sad event all around. Not only because of the impact that it has had on the family but also knowing that there are actually individuals out there wrecking havoc in our communities, regardless of their reasons behind what they did. Maybe their hatred for Bart himself, hatred for USMC, or nothing better to do, they need to be found and held accountable for what they did. What they need is some good old fashion USMC boot camp to learn some discipline and respect. The car was totaled by insurance and they received $7,000. Unfortunately it had $10,000 damage and they had to walk away from the car. A good way to get the word out is to share the above video on your Facebook page. Semper Fi

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