Video spoof shows Marines adapting to budget cuts


A group of combat cameras produced a skit showing how the Corps is adapting to the government shutdown and budget cuts through several key changes: replacing rifles with Nerf guns, feeding Marines cold food instead of hot and forcing married couples to live in the barracks alongside single Marines.


It’s titled “Adapt and Overcome” and features a mustached first sergeant telling his Marines how the cutbacks were going to affect the service. The combat cameras have to swap their Nikon cameras for disposable Fujis, he tells them. And their laptops are replaced with Etch A Sketches.

“Don’t be a ninny about it,” he said.

The Marines respond at first with a motivated, “Oorah!” But as their first sergeant continues telling them how they’re going to adapt, it’s eventually replaced by a listless “errr.”

Business Insider reported that the video was initially posted to a Facebook page as public, but was blocked within about an hour. It’s not immediately clear if it was meant just for internal purposes or if it’s pending official approval.


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  1. 5thcommjarhead on

    Any brass hat who complains about this is an ass hat. It’s hilarious. It’s what I expect of Marines when handed a bad situation – sardonic humor, ridicule, and then improvise, adapt, and overcome.

  2. Yut.

    Unfortunately this way of life, depicted humorously on POGified video, as been a reality for those of us on the Grunt side of the Corps since 17751110.

    Semper Fu

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