The Marines made a video about their cold weather exercise…and it’s kind of awesome


Why are Marines training in white camouflage parkas in the snow? It’s part of Cold Response 2014, a joint multinational training exercise designed to build allied collaboration and provide experience training in cold-weather conditions.

But don’t take my word for it. In this video, produced by Marine Forces Europe and Africa, a few of the 15,000 participants in Cold Response from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, France, the Netherlands and ten other countries define the exercise in their own terms.


What’s to love? The folksy background music, the bouquet of accents from different NATO nations, and the guy from Canada who doesn’t think it’s all that cold.

Don’t miss the unidentified Cold Response participant with a magnificently gnarly beard. We bet a bunch of Marines are totally jealous.

And then check out this photo gallery of Marines training in frigid conditions during previous Cold Response exercises.

Cold Response will continue until March 21.


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  1. I GUESS IF THEY GET THROUGH THIS THEY CAN GO THROUGH ANYTHING.My brother and husband were Marines,brother WW2,husband fifties.You can not keep a Marine down. WISH WE HAD A MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE THAT APPRECIATED OUR MILITARY AND THE JOB THEYDO our vets NEED TO BE APPRECIATED AND get The help they and their family need.

  2. Looks like a bit of training for Russia. Also, to the previous commentor, it was Republicans who most recently acted against the appreciation of our troops. I claim no party alliance, I just choose to correct the ill informed, or down right ignorant.

  3. To bad they did not showed Royal Netherlands Marine corps which started with the Norwegians long before any of these country’s participated

  4. What a great training oppertunity for the Marine Corps and NATO Forces. I had the privilage of attending this very same training back in 1998…… What a great time I had working with Host Nation Support and the other countries.

    SSGT Gutshall


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