Former Marine Oliver North lights up Twitter with shredder joke


Conservative commentator and author Oliver North is making waves this morning with a provocative tweet.

The decorated former Marine lieutenant colonel, perhaps best known for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal in the latter half of the 1980s, sent out to his 20,000 followers a picture of himself sending documents into a giant shredder.


The image is an allusion to Iran-Contra. North publicly admitted to shredding documents related to his work in Iran, including the covert sale of weapons to that country. The incident would eventually lead to the end of his military career in 1988. But North has been hailed as an American military hero by many and has since built a new image as a Fox News host and commentator and author.

In less than an hour, North’s tweet was retweeted more than 100 times.

Most people seemed amused, but responses were varied:







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  1. How in the hell is that treason he folliwed orders from his commander whojyst si happenned to be THE PRESIDENT IF THE UNITED STATES. He had the guts and accept his actions and protect others from punishment . But he folleowd orders period. Unless you served with him then keep your opions to your self you have no clue !

  2. He was following orders at the time, whether they were right or wrong is not the immediate nature of this tweet. It is damn funny, and great that he can laugh at himself about it.

    The real question is what have the last couple of administrations shredded? Is he hinting at something else going on?

  3. It also alludes to the news from Hillary yesterday that Marines in Tripoli and other embassies are just there to help shred classified documents.
    I’m just glad she’s struggling financially…

  4. paul Furrell on

    Col, I will folow you anywhere. I know the truth and I know you were a good leader. I was a child then but have talked to several men who served under you.

  5. Is there a reason the only tweet that is embedded is in favor of North’s joke? Just curious, personally I think it’s funny.

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