Watch: Future MOH recipient Kyle Carpenter gets call from the president


Marine veteran Kyle Carpenter will become the newest recipient of the Medal of Honor in a ceremony at the White House June 19 for covering a grenade to save a friend during his 2012 deployment to Marjah, Afghanistan.

In anticipation of that event, the Marine Corps has released a beautiful new video showing Carpenter and his mom, Robin Carpenter, poring over old letters from boot camp and Carpenter’s deployment to Afghanistan prior to his act of heroism and the life-changing injuries that resulted.

At seven minutes, the video’s a little long, but completely worth the watch. Be sure to stay tuned until 05:15, when Carpenter takes a call on his cell phone from President Barack Obama, who congratulates him  on being approved to receive the military’s highest honor.


In one of the most touching moments of the video, Robin Carpenter reads from a card she sent her son while he was away.

“[As a child] you always had a cape on–Batman, Spiderman, Superman,” she reads. “That’s what you are now: Superman.”

We dare you not to cry.


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    From an old corps Marine (1969) I just wanted to say thank you and congratulation. From one South Carolina resident. SEMPER FIDELIS brother.

  2. Thank you so much, Kyle Carpenter, for your service……I am very proud of you. Congratulations! My father was a Marine for 22 years and we were all so proud of him.
    Semper Fi

  3. Michael Brown on

    From a MSgt Marine Corps retiree — Words cannot express the gratitude from our Nation and our Marine Corps — God Bless!

  4. Teresa Chero on

    Dear Kyle… The Pure selfless heart that you have shown gives full meaning to our creed Honor Courage Commitment … You are a shinning example of the very best of this Country…You did our Corps Proud Sir…Thank You…To your parents… I am so profoundly thankful for all you have done..for raising such a wonderful young man…God Bless You All…Congratulations…Semper Fi

  5. mannie ibarra Jr on

    Wow, I am lost for words. Proud to call you brother devil dog!!!! It is an amazing feeling reading the comments reading the love and support due to a big thing that we have in common, we are Marines!!!!! Beautiful thing!

  6. Kyle, you make all of us old jarheads very proud. God bless you and your family. Semper Fi, Angelo St Clair Shores, MI

  7. Kyle, today is my birthday and reading your story made my day. I am glad to say that 37 years ago, today, I too raised my right hand and joined the Marine Corps. It is because of young men and women like yourself that we are all proud of our Corps and our nation. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God bless you and Semper Fi.

  8. Now that’s a real Marine. I’m at a lost for words. Damm man that jerked a tear. Right on brother. Can’t wait to watch the ceremony.

    Semper Fidelis

  9. That brings tears to my eyes for a couple of reasons. First, Kyle persevered through the toughest adversity imagined; Marine Corps Boot Camp, Marine infantry training, lived in the most austere environment within Helmand Province, and strived for life after being hit. I’ve seen the horror of a blast like that while I was in Helmand, many don’t come back! Second, his family is awesome! For a Mom to decorate his hospital room with Christmas stockings really does a lot for a persons motivation. This reminds me of my family and the support of all the Marine families while their heroes are down range! Semper Fidelis Kyle!

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