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It has been a few weeks since we’ve posted a good Bored Marine Video to kick the weekend off the right way. Why not start now? Up this week: one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen all month. Our intrepid Marine hero decides to make good on a promise to eat a freakishly large moth. And by “freakishly large,” I mean, “beefy enough to roast on a spit.” The humanity! It’s still squirming! A slight warning: the video has a little bit of salty language, as you might expect when something like this happens. Really, though, the Marines here…

It has been a few weeks since we’ve check in with a good Bored Marine Video, but we’re back at it. This week’s clip, newly posted within the last month, shows two Marines relaxing in Afghanistan in a truck (it’s unclear which kind). Things are shadowy, but I think it’s clear they’re filling their Bored Marine Video duties: That pervasive noise you hear in the video, of course, is the sounds of the engine. It adds saltiness, I think. The song was originally done by rapper Reel 2 Real, but there’s another famous version that’s probably closer to what these…

If you’ve played Guitar Hero, you know that certain songs take on a life of their own. They seem so hard, it’s a wonder anyone can beat them, especially on  “expert” level. These Marines, as dutiful video game heroes, know this. So they’ve kicked it up a notch, attempting Dragonforce’s epic “Through the Fire and Flames” using nothing but their rifles, utility uniforms and a whole bucket of crazy. Yes, it’s this week’s Bored Marine Video: For those of you who have no idea what happened, here’s the original song they’re imitating. Or is it desecrating? Blaze on, metal warriors.

When Marines get bored, they don’t always think clearly. Sometimes they perform stunts that seem like a good idea at the time, but result in all of their friends laughing at them. This week’s video highlights this trend. Our fearless hero thinks that jumping with the aid of a pole will end well. He is wrong. It’s hard to beat the laughter at the end of the clip. Doesn’t exactly sound like a battle-hardened warrior, does it?

The Bored Marine Video feature has been alive and well on Battle Rattle for several months now, and here are two things we’ve never featured: beatboxing and Marines playing cards. Put them together and VIOLA! It’s this week’s Bored Marine Video. It was posted on YouTube last month, and has floated under the radar until now, with just 20 views as this blog entry goes live. They sure do seem pumped about their staff sergeant getting selected for promotion, don’t they?

It has been a few weeks since Bored Marine Video has featured Marines dancing, and for good reason: Sometimes, you just have to take a break. We’re back this week, though, with a new, ridiculous video featuring two Marines dancing to the melodic stylings of Soulja Boy. For those more into Metallica or Toby Keith, it’s She Got a Donk,” Marine-style. It’s a mixed bag, to be honest. At times, our fearless heroes pull off some truly ridiculous and magical dance moves that are sure to turn heads (My favorite comes around the 1:22 mark). At other time, they seem to…

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s hard work finding content worthy of Bored Marine Video. Some weeks, it takes deep searches on YouTube, with nothing more than hopes and dreams that a lance corporal somewhere will man up and post something new and interesting. Other weeks, the comedy gold comes to us. This is one of those weeks: A Marine with a leaf blower? What could possibly go wrong?

Some things are unexplainable. How, for example, do Marines in Afghanistan lay their hands on a modern U.S.-style bicycle? In any event, today’s Bored Marine Video shows what can happen when they do. Yes, that’s a really big bike ramp. And yes, things end with the spectacular crash we could all see oming a mile away. Note: This video includes some profanity, particularly after the BIKE FAIL.   We leave it to you, friends? Was this REALLY that “extreeeeeme”?