Marine Corps scientist: bomb the Gulf of Mexico


Outspoken Marine Corps scientist and retired Maj. Franz Gayl, the one who dogged the Corps about letting Marines have the MRAP in combat after a lumbering procurement process killed it, has another idea.

In a Power Point presentation he circulated through the Wall Streeet Journal’s Washington Wire, Gayl proposes dropping a GBU-43/B massive ordnance air blast bomb on the wellhead of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the report, Gayl says the massive shock wave from the explosion will cauterize the tube and the effects of the blast would be contained by underwater pressure.

Experts say the bomb, which is meant to be delivered by a C-130, is the most powerful non-nuclear bomb and has been referred to as “the mother of all bombs.”

How would you stop the leak?


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  1. Hi and Semper Fi to all- The best and the most enduring choice I made in life was: joining the Marine Corps- thanks to all and the Commandant – thanks again – it was just fabulous and remains so for me – I hope all had the same experience and feel the same way – again – semper fi to all – where are you Sergeant Shadd and Sergeant Jones and Corporal Granto and Collins-? let me know – John Rhodes here – private ” maggott ” Rhodes Plt 156 PI in summer of ’65 – great time – the ” best ” of my life – AND I have had a great life – you guys made it just perfect and it gets better and better every day cuz of you guys- DIs LOL xcuse me ” sir “== I hope all of you are still with us – let me know cuz I gotta know – OK ? Thanks – John Rhodes

  2. And if it doesn’t cauterize the wellhead, what would happen? What is Plan B? Noting that BP is now on Plan F or G, and some of the solutions made things worse, this is not an unreasonable question.

  3. Lenora Williams on

    I don’t know but first I would have let the help in on day 3 when it was offered and helped Gov Gendal with the blocks he wanted to build to minimize damage. future incidences could be avoided by drilling onshore. I believe we have some major finds in several states and Alaska claims to have a lot of it available. It is fine to work on renewable energy sources but we can’t stop immediately it has to be gradual. This administration is not interested in trying to help anyone or anything but themselves to everyones money and power. They are steam rolling everyone to get it.

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