My drink with Gen. Jim Amos


Tired of standing in a crowded Washington bar, my friends and I spied some open seats at a table already in use by a couple eating dinner. We joined them, and moments later the Corps’ future commandant bought me a whiskey.

The long version goes like this:

Back in February, I was just digging into my new role as Marine Corps Times’ news editor, so I did not immediately recognize Gen. Jim Amos, who was out of uniform and with his wife, Bonnie. My friends and I asked the couple if we could share their table space, and they were happy to oblige.

Striking up conversation, Amos asked what I was doing in Washington. I explained my job to him, and he smiled.

“I’m the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps,” he said. wildturkey

My eyes practically popped out of my skull. Sure, the place was across the street from Marine Barracks at 8th & I, but I had no reason to think I’d stumble into a seat next to one of the Corps’ top leaders.

I said, “Sir, nice to meet you!” and shook his hand. Our group’s ensuing discussion touched on life in D.C., marriage (I tied the knot in May; the Amoses have been married 39 years) and, of all things, memories of New Orleans.

Though he abstained, the general was kind enough to buy a round for the table, and that’s how the CMC-to-be bought me a glass of Wild Turkey.


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  1. ok buddy. you just lost cool points with this post.

    i expected to hear about some future plans, his views on procurement…hell even notification of a future interview….

    but you’re sounding star struck. come on guy! if you drink with ’em at least get’em plastered so we can get some insight.

  2. Amos is a politician lacking combat experience to be the CMC. Reason he bought you the drink was because you are a reporter. From first hand experience he will throw anyone under the bus – to get ahead.

    I did not realize being married for 39 years was a requirement.

    Call sign Tamer – give me a break he is a coward who hides behind his stars – a real Flamer.

    He was selected because he will not resist the changes that are coming – stay tuned. The Corps is going to get a rough ride with the Flamer – in charge.

    Semper Fi

  3. I doubt Adam really has “first hand experience” with Gen. Amos at all. Anyone who calls him a “coward who hides behind his stars” can’t possibly know him — or has an axe to grind — and is showing a lack of class, to boot. You think he’ll “throw anyone under the bus to get ahead?” Honestly, he cares more deeply about Marines, Sailors and their families than just about anyone I’ve come across in 30 years of service.

  4. Marine Commandant General Conway can go to hell with Douglas MacArthur. Both of them are a disgrace to the US military! Conway wouldn’t make a pimple on a Marine’s ass. He had the chance to go to Vietnam and learn about fighting insurgents but instead, ran like a coward just like GW Bush and now he has the balls to subvert President Obama on Afghanistan???
    Former Marine combat veteran
    Bill Prieto

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