Behind the cover: FY 2011 SRBs



Battle Rattle presents its second installment of “Behind the Cover.” This week, Marine Corps Times conducts an in-depth analysis of fiscal 2011 Selective Re-enlistment Bonuses.

No doubt, Marines throughout the fleet have heard that the bonus well is running dry. That’s not necessarily the case. Although the total funding allotted to re-enlistment bonuses in fiscal 2011 is 54 percent less than the amount offered this year, Marines can still earn up to $90,000 depending on their primary military occupational specialty and whether they choose to embark on a completely new, in demand career path.

The article highlights the MOSs that offer the greatest payout, career fields that are eligible for bonuses in fiscal 2011 that weren’t eligible this year, and 13 in demand fields that will open up for early lateral moves on July 1.

Officials did issue one word of caution: Re-up in July before boatspaces fill up. That’s right, boatspace caps are back once again, which means the Corps simply doesn’t have enough room for everyone to stay in.

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