Bored Marine Video: Osama's Milkshake


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back today with a third Friday installment of Bored Marine Video. Per usual, we don’t seek to judge these videos. We merely seek to point them out for their ability to entertain, confuse or terrify.

Today, we bring you “Osama’s Milkshake,” which appeared on YouTube on Aug. 27. It has 257 views as I write this. For the record, yes, it is a direct play on “Milkshake,” the 2003 Kelis song that has been spoofed so many times, it even made it onto a “Family Guy” episode.

As you’d probably expect, a bored Marine put a new spin on it. For his sake, it’s probably just as well that his face is covered:


The description posted with the video says it was recorded in Afghanistan, but I’m wondering about that. Anybody else notice those New Balance shoes?


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