Behind the Cover: A colonel under fire


In this week’s print edition, West Coast bureau chief Gidget Fuentes lays out the host of complaints made by Marines about a full-bird colonel currently serving as Headquarters Battalion commander at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

Col. Stephanie Smith, a judge advocate by training, is a decorated officer and the recipient of numerous judicial accolades over her 23 years in the service. The complaints against her — which include claims made by officers and NCOs that she abused her authority and intimidated subordinates — came to light recently after a former drill instructor filed an appeal of his special court-martial conviction with the Navy Department’s top lawyer in Washington.

The Marine Corps Inspector General’s Office also is looking into the Marines’ claims, Marine Corps Times has learned.

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    Does the woman have any real combat know how or is she just book smart sounds like the power went to her gored
    she may still be a good MARINE but in a different field

  2. Sgt Frantz (76/88) on

    Any Marine in a possition of authority over brother and sister Marines who abuses that power by intimidating those under her is NOT a good Marine Sgt Rodriguez. She might still be if the investigation into those alligations turn out to be false. If substansiated, then she should be forced to retire, after a demotion in rank. Semper Fi brother.