Yes, Sgt. Maj. Carlton Kent has seen the handshake video


This morning, I met with Sgt. Maj. Carlton Kent in his office for a wide-ranging interview. We discussed a variety of issues for future stories, and eventually the subject of this blog, Battle Rattle, came up.

Kent, the Marine Corps’ top enlisted Marine, then asked about “the handshake video.” As in, had we seen the video of him shaking hands with recently retired Commandant Gen. James Conway? The one adapted from the service’s 2009 birthday message and set to the music of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg?

For those not familiar with what I’m talking about, feel free to review it here. Fair warning: yes, there is some rough language in the video:


Why bring this up now? Once the subject was raised, I asked Kent what he thought of the video. He grinned and said he “didn’t mind it.” He also said he didn’t mind it appearing here, showing he can be a good sport when the Lance Corporal Underground works its mysterious magic.


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  1. Excellant The General had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be himself and got to show the man behind the tough skin that is always present while on duty. Now he can be one of the guys like he was like he was early on in life. Congrats and hope ou enjoy a long and happy retirement . SEMPER FI

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