Video: HIMARS rockets at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan


I now introduce an insurgent’s worst nightmare.

Below is new video of the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, better known as HIMARS. It was recorded by Combat Camera recently at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, where Kilo Battery, 2nd Battalion, 14th Marines, operates from to assists infantry units downrange:


The rockets carry M270 rounds, and are no joke. Military officials say they can be fired up to 186 miles, with the warhead reaching an altitude of more than 31 miles on long-range shots.

HIMARS use was briefly suspended in February 2010 after two rockets fired from a HIMARS unit fell about 300 meters short of their intended target and killed 12 civilians. It was later determined the technology was not at fault for the incident — the rocket hit the intended house, which also contained insurgents firing on Marine forces. They were not aware there were civilians in the building when the rocket strike was launched.


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