Independence Day, just another day in Sangin… with meat


Cpl. Enoch Benner raises the flag on July 4th.

Sangin, Afghanistan — Marines working at and passing through Forward Operating Base Jackson around dinner time today will get a 4th of July menu that includes grilled pork ribs, beef patties and Italian sausage.

Rumor has it that someone has got a cake, too.

Otherwise, it’s a work day for 1st Battalion, 5th Marines’ 1,000 plus Marines, who will be hauling supplies, going on patrol and monitoring the enemy as they do each day.

At the Battalion Aid Station, where the American flag does not normally fly because of the frequency of rotor wash from helicopter traffic on the landing zone, the Stars and Stripes were raised at 0800 by Cpl. Enoch Benner… just for the day.


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  1. Proud Marine Mom Grace on

    God Bless Our Marines and all our troops, not only this 4th of July but every day…you keep our nation safe.

  2. Robert Thompson on

    Isaiah 54:17
     But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed.
    You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you.
    These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord;
    their vindication will come from me.
    I, the Lord, have spoken!

  3. johnnie walker on

    We at home are setting off fireworks and celebrating independence …Marines in Sangin are avoiding fireworks and ensuring independence ..we love the Corps…

    I so hope the food was worthy of your service!! God Bless the USA..

  4. Lilli Ozenne on

    God bless our troops for putting their lives on the line to protect our freedom. As we celebrate our independence day you are all in our thoughts and prayers!

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