Marine ball invitations for celebrities: The good, bad and ugly


Last week, it became entirely predictable that scores of Marines would take to the Internet this year to ask their favorite celebrity the Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

After all, it famously worked for Sgt. Scott Moore, who will be taking one Mila Kunis to the ball for 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, out of Camp Lejeune, N.C. It later worked for Cpl. Kelsey De Santis, who leveraged Kunis’ invitation to convince her “Friend with Benefits” co-star, Justin Timberlake, to attend her ball this fall in Washington, D.C.

The successful invites first gave rise to Sgt. Ray Lewis — perhaps jokingly — inviting former Golden Girl Betty White. As you might expect, however, there is now a growing list of other celebrities who have received YouTube invites from Marines, with varying degrees of class, originality and humor.

What follows is the good, the bad and the ugly for Marine Corps ball invitations, with thanks to the Twitter account of Mike Dowling, a Marine veteran.

First, Cpl. Michael Sullivan decided to ask Emma Stone, who appeared in “Superbad,” “Zombieland” and other movies:


Cpl. Brenton Gunning went with Hayden Panettierre of “Heroes” fame for his invitation:


This Marine decided to invite Lindsay Lohan… although he may have confused her with Miley Cyrus:


And these Marine chefs decided to invite Nicky Minaj. No word on whether they’ll cook for her.


This female Marine asked rapper Drake to go with her. Her husband must be thrilled.


Another female Marine, another invitation for Drake:


Cpl. Bates asks Hugh Hefner to get him a ball date with all of his Playboy Bunnies. Shockingly, his jaw appears to be wired shut due to some unfortunate party accident:


Finally, this Marine takes a minute of his “not very busy day” to ask Scarlett Johansson.


Several other Marines had invitations posted, but their videos were subsequently removed. I assume a gunnery sergeant somewhere may be involved.

Surely, we’ve exhausted all possibility of originality with this phenomenon… right?


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  1. johnnie walker on

    Good for all of them…Every Celeb should be so lucky to accompany America’s Finest to a shindig!!

  2. The reason why it worked for Sgt.Scott Moore is due to the fact that he was the first one to post it and it sounded sincere. The other invites that followed did not think about it themselves first and just played follow the leader. They arrived too late to the party.

  3. Heyyy thats meee asking Drake with red shirt. Woo I would never expect to be in the Marine Corps times!

    And it doesnt hurt to TRY!

  4. Everybody that uses their uniform for personal gain are a bunch of tools and shouldn’t expect anything in return for your services to this country. This brings great shame to the military. Just be glad to are in uniform and that you get a paycheck, most umemployed Americans do get a paycheck.

  5. whoa michael, nobody is using their uniform for personal gain. But if someone were to give you $1000 just for being a good person, wouldn’t you take it?

  6. Chesty would kick them all in the F’N chest. Dumbarse boots. The Master Guns or Sgt Maj if the worse. That’s what happens when good Marines get out…the fuktards get promoted.

  7. I think all of yall that are downing these marines that actually got a date with a celeb is jealous because none of yall that are downing them have the courage and self confidence to give it a shot. Whats the worse that happens they say no? Big flippin deal like you havent been shot down or failed at something in your lifetime.

  8. ImBeingSerious on

    noneedforname, you’re kinda wrong. They’re not “downing” them because they don’t have the courage to do it, they’re “downing” them because they’re boots and pogs.

  9. They did use the uniform. They all made note of the fact that they were Marines. That is shameful. Get a date based on your own merits not on the association of some organization. Especially when someone in your organization got famous doing the same thing. The POG thing is dumb, the first guy was in 3/2. You must have no concept of what the ENTIRE Marine Corps is capable of making comments like that. Good on ’em for the whole courage thing, but really? 90% of Holloywood are idiots but is making a video of yourself literally begging for the company of these jaggaloons necessary? I know it’s old and this is stale but these videos absolutely kill me. If we spent less time studying celebrities and more time studying economics, politics, history, or I don’t know speech then maybe more former Marines would be productive members of society. At the current rate we do not hold up our end of the bargain when we promised the American people we would remain the tip of the spear.

  10. Wow it’s so crazy but hey no hatred on my part that’s why I also decided to ask someone to the ball for it might be my last ball. And I might do a YouTube shout out and or national television shout out!

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