Marine Corps Times credited as wingman in Mila Kunis date


Sgt. Scott Moore was photographed by the Associated Press in July in Musa Qala, Afghanistan. (Associated Press photo)

Marine Corps Times can be many things to many people.

News source? I hope so. Advocate? Sure, sometimes. Antagonist? At times, guilty as charged.

I don’t think we’ve ever been credited with being a matchmaker before — until now.

Sgt. Scott Moore, the Marine who will be taking actress Mila Kunis to his unit’s Marine Corps Birthday Ball, just launched a Twitter account. Not long after I found it today, he posted this message:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/theScottMoore/status/136892377116839936″]

I won’t lie, that seriously made my day. Perhaps I should explain the back story.

Moore posted his now infamous video asking Kunis for a date to his unit’s ball on YouTube on June 7. The following month, I found it while searching the site for bootleg clips of Marines in Afghanistan, and cracked up. I introduced it here on Battle Rattle late on July 7, figuring readers would get a kick out of it.

The following day, it went viral. It appeared on sites ranging from Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks to Tosh.O’s blog on Comedy Central’s website, prompting a Fox entertainment reporter to ask about it during an interview that weekend. With coaxing from Justin Timberlake, her “Friends with Benefits” co-star, she accepted on the spot.

Moore’s video has now been viewed more than 3.9 million times, and inspired several other Marines to successfully invite other celebrities to their birthday balls. Kunis is expected to attend his ball for 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, on Friday night in Greenville, N.C.

Hey, we do what we can to help.


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