1st Reconnaissance Battalion replaces 3rd Recon Marines in Afghanistan


Cpl. Wiliam Port, a Marine with Company B, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, takes a rest during a security patrol outside of Patrol Base Transformer in October. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Ryan Smith)

Swift, Silent, Deadly, the Marines of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion are back in Afghanistan.

The unit, out of Camp Pendleton, Calif., has taken over for 3rd Recon, out of Okinawa, Japan, in the Upper Sangin Valley. They’ll patrol land that remains some of the most treacherous in Helmand province.

Insurgents in the area should remember 1st Recon well. The unit deployed to Helmand in summer 2010, initially taking on the Taliban on the fringes of Marjah district when it was still a violent and unforgiving place.

They shifted their operations that fall to the Sangin area, and hammered away on the Taliban, reportedly killing up to 250 fighters in a few weeks last October. The insurgents began calling them the “Black Diamonds,” a reference to the diamond-shaped mounts they had on their helmets.

Third Recon, meanwhile, has plenty of stories of its own to tell. They played a key role in helping to secure sections of Route 611, and had a hand in clearing operations in Kajaki this fall. This story is just one that illustrates the kinetic activity they saw during their deployment.


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    I really have to utmost respect for Marines. My daughter is a former Marine and served in Iraq. I miss her dearly as she’s my only baby. Well, she certainly isn’t a baby, but she’s mine! I’m trying to move to be closer to her. My son-in-law is a Marine as well. God Bless you all and know that you’re in my Prayers. Please stay safe.

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