Video: Marine Lance Cpl. Kyle Carpenter, injured by a grenade, discusses his recovery


Lance Cpl. Kyle Carpenter speaks with Marine Corps Times about injuries he sustained in a grenade blast in Afghanistan. (Photo by Colin Kelly/Staff)

As mentioned on this blog yesterday, this week’s Marine Corps Times cover story focuses on Lance Cpl. Kyle Carpenter, the Marine infantryman who has achieved a miraculous recovery after sustaining a grenade blast near Marjah, Afghanistan, in November 2010.

Marine Corps Times has taken some heat for reporting that there are questions over whether Carpenter covered the grenade to protect his buddy, Lance Cpl. Nick Eufrazio. Actions along those lines have yielded prestigious valor awards in the past, obviously.

Those questions exist, though, at least in the minds of some in the Corps. Additional Marine sources have reaffirmed that since the story was published yesterday. Both lance corporals are heroes nevertheless, but Marine officials acknowledge they are uncertain what happened and still investigating.

That doesn’t take away from Carpenter’s sacrifice, though — or the inspiring way he carries himself now. I sat down with him at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the story, and was blown away by his optimism and grace. When you see this video, I think you will be, too.

[brightcove video=”1336203852001″ /]

We’ll have another story about this incident in next week’s paper featuring comments from other Marines who were in the compound when the grenade exploded. This story isn’t going away anytime soon.


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I'm a senior writer with Marine Corps Times, covering ground warfare, manpower, weapons acquisition and other beats. I embedded in Afghanistan in spring 2010, and plan to return at least once in 2011.


  1. what questions?

    who is questioning this?

    we’re not inside your circle so if these issues exist it would be nice if you stopped playing inside baseball and spell it out.

  2. There are many of us Marines that have served in the Corps as Grunts and never seen combat. It is explained to us that, “It just wasn’t in the cards” or, “It wasn’t your time”.

    Many of us don’t agree with that logic. We sometimes go through life feeling cheated because of that. Then, we see the results of what happens to our younger Marine brothers and sisters and at times feel helpless that we were not their to take their places.

    Helpless because these wars should have been fought in our time so that the next generation didn’t have to experience what they are involved in now.

    Remorse sucks

    I can always lend my years of experiences and looking back, lend the best advice and solutions that I have dealt with in trying to become a citizen after the Corps.

    We fool ourselves, us inactive Marines. we will never return to the status of civilians. Our boots will never again touch civilian turf as we are Marines until we die.

    At least allow us to offer to aid and assist any of our fellow Marine brothers and sisters in their transitions back into society.

    One way or another, there are many ways to aid and assist if you would allow us that privledge. There is much we older Marines can do for you through our experiences with being on this side of active duty. Advice and warnings for any of the many pitfalls that you may wonder onto. The offering of solutions to whatever problems or issues you may face.

    Anything we can do to make your way of life easier to deal with.

    At least allow us that much.

    Fate sucks.

    Semper Fidelis my brother.

    Gregory Romeu – Cpl, 0351

    Bravo Co Wpns Plt, 1/7 75-79

  3. The true hero’s of America are these brave men and women who serve our country! All I know to say to them are Thank you and I am forever in your debt.

  4. I met this man today. He is a real hero and inspiring. Not only that, but he is still fighting for what he believes in. Through the rest of my military career I will recall warriors like him when I’m having a rough day, so I can remember why I chose this path.

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