Katy Perry joins the Marine Corps?


Katy Perry sings in cammies in the video for her new song, "Part of Me." (YouTube screen grab)

Check out Katy Perry’s new “Part of Me” music video filmed at Camp Pendleton, Calif. She joins the Marine Corps in what amounts to one big, long, awesome recruiting ad. Its not quite a Marine in dress blues slaying wizards on a chess board, but its a close second.


If you missed that vintage reference, check out this recruiting commercial from before some of you were born.



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  2. God that was stupid and weird,is this some kinda of joke? Just another embarassment for the Marine Corps, if that’s what you want to call it these days!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It may seem stupid BUT, your service as a woman in the military is definitely a part of you that no one can ever take away.

  4. That was truely pathetic, if the chess board knights wasn’t bad enough. God what had this Marine Corps become. (VERY SAD INDEED).

  5. lol you can look at this as embarrassing ORRR the greatest bit f recruiting propaganda geared towards women in the history of recruiting 😛

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