Behind the Cover: The gunnies were swingers — and it cost them their careers


Gunnery Sgts. Shawn and Janet Angell are swingers, and it cost both of them their Marine Corps careers.

In this week’s cover story, they speak candidly about their lives, inside and outside the Corps. But they are just two of 10 enlisted Marines who found themselves caught up in a massive investigation at Officer Candidates School, the Quantico, Va.-based proving ground for all who earn the title Marine officer.

The 2011 investigation led to accusations of sex with subordinates, adultery and group sex. In all, 10 Marines were court-martialed. Only one was acquitted.

Read the full story in this week’s edition of Marine Corps Times.

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  1. Unless things have changed in the last few years they need to investigate officer housing at NAS Meridian MS next.

  2. hey lets kick a bunch of grown ass adults out for having some sex. makes sense. forget the fact that were at war, the world needs to know about these perverts!!!! This article is B/S. The marine corps has become B/S and im almost ashamed to have been apart of it.

  3. Jerre Thomas, MSgt/USMC ret. on

    Gee, wonder if they were having gay/lesbian/homosexual sex if it would have been OK and no charges would have been filed?

    Just not hetrosexual sex. Cause that’s not protected these days. Just the other kind.

  4. I don’t think they should have been punished for having sex with others in their same pay grade if it was concentual and agreed upon with their spouses, but once you start involving jr Marines, you forfeit your right to be a SNCO. As far as I am concerned any SNCO that has sexual relations with a LCpl or jr Marine needs to exit the Corps, they are bad for business. I don’t feel bad one bit. C YA!

  5. Bunch of turds who should all be forced to permanently relinquish their campaign covers and DI MOS. Having sex outside of your marriage, consentual or not, is adultry and is punishable under the UCMJ. Knowing this, they puposefully committed acts contrary to what we teach young Marines in both recruit training and OCS. Considering their unethical behavior, it is clear that somewhere in their past, a SNCO failed them; especially those two on the cover. What they’ve done is tell every Marine junior to them that it’s alright to pick and choose which orders to follow. Stay away from the recruit depots and OCS. Exit the Corps and be as nasty as you want to be. The rest of us will pick up the slack for you.

  6. Great job GySgt’s! You have embarrassed us all. How can you believe that these actions are good to go? Now we are left to clean up your trash and mentor those that you failed. Disgrace!!!

  7. I am a former Marine brat, and in the civilian life my husband and I are swingers. Now I have read this article and unfortunately some couples “broke” the rules. There are “rules” to this lifestyle, all have to be agreed for one, as for the texts the Gunny sent to a non-agreeable female that isn’t how it is done. I although do not think these Marines should be punished. I completely agree with Jerrie with his comment, it is unfortunate when a couple who would rather divorce, strengthen their marriage thru some safe, multi people fun. If it was gays, or bi and trannies it would be ok. Instead it is consenting safe adults making their relationship stronger and they get in trouble. I call BULLSH*T flag on the play.

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