Marine Corps base hosts UFC event following criticism


The veterans committee of a union group is calling on the Marine Corps to cut its ties to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)













It doesn’t look like the Marine Corps is ready to cut ties with the Ultimate Fighting Championship quite yet.

The veterans committee of a union group has called on the Corps to stop its relationship with the UFC. The group, Unite Here, has issued 5,000 petitions to Marine Corps recruiting stations across the country and sent a letter to Commandant Gen. Jim Amos calling for an end to the sponsorship and partnership with the UFC.

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But just days after the petitions went out, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Calif., is holding a mixed martial arts appreciation day complete with autograph signing from fighters with the UFC and Bellator.

Some have been arguing that the union group is only putting pressure on the UFC because owners, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, won’t unionize their Las Vegas, Nev. Station Casinos. But the union group says the Marine Corps should not partner with an organization that allows its fighters and leaders to make homophobic and sexist statements, as can be seen in their video here.

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Marine Corps Recruiting Command has teamed up over the past three years with the UFC on commercials highlighting the warrior spirit connection between the two organizations. A veterans group is unhappy about the partnership.



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  1. Maj. John Caldwell on

    The assertions of inappropriate speech and behavior by a few of UFC’s competitors and leadership are an area of sincere interest and concern for the Marine Corps Recruiting Command. The alleged and/or substantiated acts are incongruent with our core values, explicitly ‘honor’ and virtually all of our battle-tested leadership traits and principles. We have communicated our perspective to UFC via our ad agency and will respond accordingly if corrective action is not implemented.

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