Bored Marine Video: The best Marine version of ‘Call Me Maybe’ yet


Marines dance to ‘Call Me Maybe’ on a viral video originally filmed in a hangar at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. (YouTube screen grab)

Just about anyone with regular Internet access is well aware of the sensation that Carly Rae Jepson’s song “Call Me Maybe” has become. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of videos featuring people from all walks of life dancing to the summer hit.

Marines have already joined the act, as my colleague Gina Harkins pointed out last month. The video she pointed out then has now been viewed more than 20,000 times.

However, we at Marine Corps Times would be remiss if we didn’t point out another, more recent version of Marines performing the same song. It was posted online early this month, and has already been viewed more than 73,000 times. It features Marines at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan, with a number of aircraft serving as props in the background:


Eric Raum, a promotional filmmaker in Afghanistan, shared some details about the recording of the video on his website:

We showed up in the afternoon, and in true Marine fashion, everyone patiently listened, paid close attention, and within 30 minutes, had the dance down. With another 30 minutes to film, we wrapped things up and they got back to work. We headed out to the tarmac with the second group on the C-130 and it was no different. They quickly learned the steps, performed with vigor, said their goodbyes and got back to their jobs.

We roamed around base grabbing people from all lines of service to bust out their own dance moves for the rest of the video. Sometimes people think of the military in a de-humanized way. They hear ‘military’ and they think of it as a whole. What I’ve learned over here is how incredibly diverse each person is. Different hobbies, different skills, even different dance moves. I am always amazed at the amount of talent and creativity I see out here and it is a blessing to have the opportunity to show a glimpse of that to people back home.

One thing is certain: It definitely looks like the Marines and soldiers involved had fun recording the video.


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I'm a senior writer with Marine Corps Times, covering ground warfare, manpower, weapons acquisition and other beats. I embedded in Afghanistan in spring 2010, and plan to return at least once in 2011.


  1. Jerre Thomas, MSgt/USMC ret. on

    You cannot underestimate the value of good morale and those things that foster unit cohesion. Rahhh . . .

  2. Is this really what we do on a “combat” deployment? Is this where the defense budget went? Whatever happened to professionalism? I understand morale is a key element to any and all deployments. But what about the Marines that are actually down range watching their boys get blown up and their lives taken from them. But we want to spit on Chesty’s Corps and piss all over our proud heritage. Good job Marines. Thank you for reminding me why the CMC is wasting his time going base to base giving PME’s due to childish antics just like this!

  3. Cory, The last two men to die from the 1/8 last month would have laughed their AO at these guys, and Mills would have joined in.

  4. Kelly, Marine Mom on

    Cory, lighten up a little. As the mom of a Marine who WAS downrange, I know he’d have been thrilled to see something like this. If nothing else, it reminds all our troops that they won’t be in Hell forever. I think if there is something that takes your mind off the insanity in front of you even for just a few minutes, it might keep that insanity from coming home to roost permanently. The ungodly death and destruction that our troops see day in and day out HAS to be mitigated somehow, and things like this serve that purpose. I don’t think Chesty would be rolling in his grave, either. He was a hard-charging Marine, to be sure, but I think he probably appreciated a light-hearted moment or two.

  5. momof2marines on

    Most excellant vid! And Cory….relax a little. Better to blow off steam this way than something that is destructive or truly damaging to the image of the Corps. I think we are asking enough of our Marines to sacrifice what they have without asking them to stand at attention the entire time they are there. And p.s….I saw some of the same kind of videos from my son and his fellow Marines when they were down range while talking Marjah back from the T-ban. So hush.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are two types of Marines. Combat Marines and these type of Marines, but yet we continue to be grouped together as one, what a joke. Obliviously you have to much time on your hands. Absolute disgrace, Staff NCO’s acting like PFCs, Marines that should be on BCP, a slap in the face to all the other Marines in country who are actually fighting a war.

  7. Kelly, Marine Mom/momof2marines said it best ya’ll!

    Leave this alone!

    It’s great-it’s what we got-it’s what they got!

    Thank you, Moms for standing up!.



    SSgt USMC 1981-1993

  8. Well thats great that these POG’s are making music videos while me and other real Marines are fighting a war. I lost my leg in Afghan last August which I am glad to have done my duty for 9 years untill i was wounded but the fact of the matter is we like so many other combat arms Marines were on a PB with no power no a/c no running water because logistics could not get proper equiptment to us…… But these Marines are the ones that could get it to us and there making a stupid music video what a joke. And these Marines are the one that will be the ones telling war stories in the bar.

  9. 13 year Marine Corps Spouse on

    Well done to all involved! As a spouse of a Marine who has served his country for 17 years in the Marine Corps (still currently serving) and done multiple combat deployments as an 0311/0369, it is nice to see our guys and gals take a few moments to find some levity under less than desirable circumstances. I think we all need to remember these folks are over there actually fighting a war and they are just as entitled if not more so than anyone else to find some joy in their lives. Anyone who would begrudge them that needs to take a good hard look at themselves and find that elusive massive stick they are retaining and pull it out! I know we all have our pride regarding are various MOS’, military branches, and positions within the military community, but what 13 years as a MC spouse has taught me is that everyone has their own valuable part to play in the military. Let’s not forget that. Being bitter and nasty towards our fellow warriors, soldiers, and airmen doesn’t make you any more of a hardcharger!

  10. While this is fun and all I do kind of see where some of the guys are coming from….I am the wife of a medically retired SSGT(0369) who was injured severely by an IED in Iraq. I know for a fact he would not have had time to participate in something like this. He was too busy out on patrols trying to avoid IED’s while protecting his CO to have time to sit around and learn dance moves. He said the exact same thing as SGT EOD…”must be POGS” not to be mean or anything but there really is a huge difference between GRUNTS and everyone else in the Corp(POGS) 🙂

  11. WOW…all you former and current Marines and spouses of current and former Marines all pissed off need to chill and relax. There is ALWAYS down time no matter where you are in Afghanistan and no matter what your job. Some have more than others. That is part of the job everyone sign up for and raised their right hand. I am form SF Marine and watched people die, get hurt and carried them to the MEDEVAC bird. Some have it harder than others, but that is part of combat. Not everyone will be in the same environment and situation. That’s part of the job. To spout off about what the Marines in this video did during off time in 1 hour or less is pretty sad. It shows a lack of understanding and it shows a side of resentment on your part. If you didn’t want the job, you shouldn’t have signed up. We are all one team one fight no matter where we are, what our job, and who we are fighting or supporting. Relax and just enjoy the video.

  12. Hmm…So you are leading me to believe that the grunts don’t have time to screw around while in country…I think all Marines know that isn’t true…Anywho – Great video! Made me laugh!

  13. I understand theres alot of downtime when deployed. I myself have done two twours, however we have a name to live up to and this isnt helping our image. Stop posting retarded sissy videos online for the rest of the world to see. Yes we are human yes we have fun but you might as well put videos of yourselves grabbing each others rears when you do crap like this. I guess this is what you get when you repeal the dont ask dont tell policy.

  14. And before anything is said Im not homophobic I just believe theres a time and a place for stuff. This is not one of them, whatever happen to boxing in your off time and working out. Next thing you know we have zumba going on for PT .

  15. The negative posters… did you read what the producer wrote? This took less than an hour away from work for the participants. And having done 2 tours myself, I’d rather have a hour of levity than dwell on the losses.

    “I’ll say right now, as much fun as everyone in the video is having, these guys WORK HARD! That’s why this had to be planned out ahead of time, as we knew this would have to be fit into as little time as possible. Randy has a great relationship with the Marine command in Kandahar, and they agreed that the idea would be a great morale booster for everyone, but emphasized that they would have very limited time to do this… one hour for each group. In addition, Randy is a former cheerleader, so she got to work on choreographing a dance that would be learnable in a half hour as well as be ‘tough’ enough that a group of marines wouldn’t balk at performing it in front of the Internet.

    We showed up in the afternoon, and in true Marine fashion, everyone patiently listened, paid close attention, and within 30 minutes, had the dance down. With another 30 minutes to film, we wrapped things up and they got back to work. We headed out to the tarmac with the second group on the C-130 and it was no different. They quickly learned the steps, performed with vigor, said their goodbyes and got back to their jobs.”

    As far as grunts versus POGS, we had a company of grunts REFUSE to shower for over a month because they did not want to be mistaken for POGS. Or should I say, their stupid CO thought it best to seperate them for us nasty POGS. Stupid is as Stupid does. I know plenty of those grunts wanted a shower but didn’t want to break the CO’s orders.

  16. Practice your dance skills on dancing with the stars you could have been doing something more productive like cleaning weapons not that you will ever need to use them…..

  17. Wow…What a waste of Tax money. Let one of the equipment malfunction and imagine what thier excuse will be. Do you job!

  18. I’m a member of the squadron that performed this video and I just wanted to say “**** YOU!!! if you didn’t like it”. These guys work their tails off everyday. That one hour was a huge boost to morale and you ought to be ashamed. To have opened your mouth just to put down your brothers and sisters, who participated in something that maybe their family members who they left behind me see and be put at ease.

    You should haze yourselves.

  19. Hey there SSgt with all do respect you should have joined the airforce if you wanted morale you want to lift the spirits of these guys how about doing it by practicing some MCMAP with the Georgian Army or Beating down some Brits that always lifted our Morale in Iraq……

  20. with all due respect SSgt from the squadron, coming from a Marine who is a year removed from active duty, your squadron may have worked long hours but you had detfacs and MWR’s the whole deployment. we didnt have any communication for 4 weeks one time, and after that only letters and satphones. the Marines in the video could shower every night, I didn’t have more than 3 showers. all the Marines in the video had clean uniforms and good boots… I had ripped up frog gear that couldn’t get replaced for 4 months and the early version rat boots that fell apart after a few patrols. those Marines had fresh haircuts like stateside… I had a shaved head cause no one knew how to fade on a PB(in my platoon) and anyway we had no time to worry about hair. these Marines get tired from long hours.. ok… well.. we went 2 days on a few hours sleep under constant harrasing fire more often than not. those Marines are in cammies and flight suits most of the time, we LIVED in flak and kevlar, carrying our 8 pound jagged metal baby every SECOND. we would get NJP’d for going from one room to the other without it. then there are IEDs…. are there IEDs on that helipad or in that hangar?… we grunts have fun on our downtime too, but it usually consists of keeping track of how many rats we can kill so they don’t eat our MREs.

    so, with all due respect to the dancing Marines in the video, can you understand why grunts get a little upset?

  21. Wow! All of the brain-washed robots are coming out to play today! “I’m a REAL Marine, this…these are all POG’s that!”

    Some of you guys need to relax and take a deep breath. Also, quit being so judgmental. It makes the Corps more miserable than it should be…

  22. Shane: grunts (And im including attachments like combat camera, FACs, motor T, SOME s-2 guys, HET, psyops, and numerous other non 03’s ) on the front line, without any doubt, face more danger and better understand what it means to stare death in the face than the other people in the rear. this is not to say we don’t need those people in the rear, but it pisses the holy hell out of grunts to see those people cry that they face the same hardships as grunts. there is no moto brainwashing to it.. it is not an oorah semper yut matter at all. it is simply us, the beaten, broken, hard pressed combat units angry that while we die, people in kandahar dance.

  23. In actuallity, the USO made this video. Most of those involved didnt want to do it because we had a lot of work to do. They were forced to do it by the “higher ups” which of course as you can see in the video the higher ups were not in it!!!

  24. Helmand Harry on

    This is so motivating! I wonder how many NAMS, (as in the integrity of the award) were harmed during the filming of this video…

    pretty insane how the commandant and the sgtmajmc spend all kinds of money this year floating around, chewing commands asses over good order and discipline. Meanwhile heres a clear instance of fraternization not only caught on tape but being celebrated on the internet. Bold.

    Well General Amos, sir, keep wasting your time by sitting down with the USMC times so that you can continue promoting this image of who you are and what your goals are.

  25. I think we are all missing the point here ladies and gentlemen.

    It was a pretty damn good video.

    Now, to those conflicted about what these Marines do. Let me tell you these guys might or might not be in harms way but they work there butts off in order to keep these aircraft up and running. And guess who they provide support to? The guys with boots on the ground.

    Lets all remember that all of us do a job in the Marine Corps to make the Marines Corps as a whole work.

    And plus, we each picked what our Program Code (job) at the recruiters office. We all know that the guys with boots on the ground face danger, and have many hardships on a day to day basis, but guess what, that’s what we signed up for. Right?

  26. yes, i picked infantry, and i loved it. but the people who DIDN’T, who spend their time in the rear, will come home and talk about how they were in afghanistan and how bada** they are and how hardcore they are…then they will pick up rank due to a promotion system that is geared towards POGs (it was impossibly hard to rank up in the grunts when i was in…) andthen some of them will even cry and moan that they have PTSD from ‘the things they saw’.

  27. my dad was a air dale in the Navy and im pretty sure they wouldnt dance to this stuff. prolly just old fashoned. or he was a bad as* SeaBee before cross rating.

  28. and you know what i DIDN’T mind? the Mariens that helped make that katy perry video… because that was in camp pendleton, in training, where stuff like this belongs. it doesnt not belong in afghanistan, where there is a real war on, a place that grunts treat with more respect because we know what and who we’ve lost their. we also know that people back home trivialize the war, and this is just helping them trivialize it even more. how can anyone take afghanistan, and the things the grunts have been through ,seriously when THIS is ‘in afghanistan’? people will think we are all having a big laugh, a big game.

  29. Well I see “GAY PRIDE” is alive and well in the Marine Corps. What a disgrace!!!!! These Marines if you want to call them that should be ashamed of themselves…

  30. laura garris on

    wow such hate mail. just because all Marines are not grunts does not mean they are less a Marine, who the f**k keeps your helicopters and planes running, so you can be picked up when you’re injured, who drops supplies off to the grunts, and there are certainly a fair share of grunts in Afghanistan in harm’s way that have down time that post videos like this, Whatever happened to Marines being a family? If there weren’t jet/helicopter mechanics you grunts would be stuck in Afghanistan forever. @Mike, videos like this do not make us trivialize the war, 8 yrs. we’ve been sending care packages, supporting wounded men and women, oh and learn how to spell Marine, it’s not Mariens, really?? wife of a Marine, who was not “on the ground” but a jet mechanic who kept the jets running and delivered supplies to those on ground by helicopter, along with bringing bodies back, and will stand up for his beliefs and won’t hesitate to give a ass kicking when needed or jump in to help someone with no thought for his own life.

  31. laura garris on

    @eric and ben, great posts!

    by the way to those who have no use for Marines that aren’t grunts, the reason my hubbie joined the Marines, was to “kill people”! he wanted to go to Vietnam, but he ended up in aviation as a jet mechanic, because he was great at his job, he continually put in to go to Vietnam, his dad is a Marine who served in WW11 and was a POW for 3 years. Show respect for all Marines, and there will always be the Marine and other service members who lie about their service, can’t change that.

  32. oh, i had USE of POGs, they did come in handy, but i feel they try to take an inordinate amount of respect compared to their actual rolls… quite frankly, they are in many cases no different from civilian jobs, but we don’t give CIVILIANS the respect we give POGs doing similiar jobs. GRUNTS, however, have a unique job that is found in no other parallel: locate, close with, and destroy the enemy. regardless of if he is a good soldier fighting for HIS country, like in our previous wars, or if he’s a criminal thug like our current enemies. police don’t do that… no other job does that. no one else knows the psychology of being sent out to ACTUALLY fight another human being. THAT is the military. THAT is what a warrior is… POGs like to style themselves as “warfighters” but they are NOT. they are warsupporters, and it makes me angry that they can go to the same country that grunts fight and die in, and their experience will be MWRs and chowhalls with steak and lobster every sunday, and showers every night… and they will complain about a 10 hour day. THAT is why i am angry at POGs. and alot ofmisguided attempts to ‘support the troops’ go there: for example one charity wanted to send pizzas to the troops, right? the pizzas ended up in leatherneck… where the chowhalls already HAVE a pizza night. the pizzas didn’t go to the Patrol Bases and frontlines. tiem and again, civilians send all the support that gets grabbed up by POGs out for themselves, and the runts get the leftovers.

  33. @ laura: i know how to spell Marine, typos happen. do you have a REAL point? and as for needing POGs: if we had grunts but no POGs, grunts would hump the gear i nand fight like we did in the olden times, k? but if we have POG’s but no grunts, we can’t fight a war. we don’t NEED POGs.. we like the services they provide.. but in the end, wars are fought AND WON by infantry.

  34. God how sad!!! Im so glad im out of that F@#ked up organization, crap like this and Katie Perry videos and all the other Gay shit makes me ashamed that I ever was a Marine.. What a joke.

  35. @michael:

    I tell you what, we should setup a little competition. You get a platoon of grunts and nothing but grunts and I will get a platoon of “lesser” support POG’s and we will see who can complete a combat objective in any random environment. You get only the capabilities of your platoon personnel. So you get no maps as those come from intel (POG), you get no MRE’s as those come from supply (POG), you get no radio also from supply and maintained by comm (POG) you get no transport as that is MT (POG) you get no arty (POG) you get no air support after all pilots are super POG’s, you get no rifles and ammo as that is armory (POG) oh and I guess you get no uniforms and body armor as those too come from supply (POG). SO basically you will most likely be naked and lost looking for something (remember mission objectives come from intel) while my platoon of intel, supply, armorer, cook, comm, MT and other POG’s complete the mission as support personnel have been closing with and engaging and destroying the enemy in combat when needed all through history of the Corps.

  36. Wonder why we are still at war our own military doesn’t even get along unreal . From a civilians perspective you all look like a bunch of idiots ridculing your own for killing a hr . Pretty sad my taxes pay you guys . Try supporting each other during this tough time . Which I appreciate what you do for us any family but take a look at what you men and women of military said of each other !!!! Sad

  37. Navy Corpsman Wife on

    I enjoyed watching this video and seeing a bunch of grown men and women taking some time off in order to keep themselves sane while in an insane world. And to see so many ppl complain about it makes me really sad. I am a proud navy wife and I know my husband wouldn’t do this but I know he wouldn’t say anything against his brothers and sisters in the military. Grow up people, take a chill pill, and enjoy the video like it was meant. Stop hating on each other. No wonder we have so many issues these days. Instead of working together, everyone hates on each other and think they are superior. Hate to burst your happy bubble but you aren’t better than anyone else and fe would be a hell of a lot better if we laughed at silly things like this then trying to cut everyone down.

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  39. jdawg “Pretty sad my taxes pay you guys . Try supporting each other during this tough time”

    Jdawg: this video highlights that while its a tough time for some, the POGs in kandahar are havin a greeeat time

  40. Marine who posted as sgtusmc choke the fuck out of yourself i did not post that do not use my sn and if you are a Sgt of Marines haze yourself while your choking yourself because regardless of the USO coordinating shit half you fucks cant drill let alone dance or more important do shit I bet half of you idiots started field day off with that gay little dance Im glad I got out before they did shit like this

  41. @Laura also choke yourself also choke yourself fuck the bs I was a damn pog RO who kept shit up but you idiots forget the corps has a name and rep to keep up everytime the russians see this Im sure our name is pissed on thanks by the way for keeping helicopters up though by laying on your back I know pilots need morale too ……

  42. @Chris lets get another bet going my comm platoon from Al Anbar province pogs against pogs I bet our Pogs beat the fuck out of you and still your Mres smash you in the fucking mouth with them trade Comm to the Army get lobster steak and dr pepper go on missions and not dance to gay ass music instead we hooked up our Hmmvw with angras in the back and an ipod docking station up front and blast riding dirty on convoys

  43. I bet all these fruitcakes got a Navy Achievement Medal for that GayAss crap. What a joke!!!What are you going to do about this embarassment Gen. Amos or SgtMAJ Barrett??? God where is General Gray or Mundy when you need them… The Corps I once thought I knew sure went to hell over the past 10 years what a shame and disgraceful to say the least.

  44. @Chris god im glad im out your probably one of the same ones that thought it was funny to play grab ass while running in formation during PT I hope you realize the world sees this stuff and we have a name and a reputation to uphold you guys arent helping that at all.

  45. Man eat your heart out Village People, Let’s hear it for “GAY PRIDE” that was truely UNSAT!!! What a joke the Corps has become. Totally Shameful and disgusting….

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  47. Dude did I just really watch that garbage, what in the hell is going on in the Marine Corps man!!! Im at a loss for words. Everyone of those duschbags should be ashamed of themselves, that was so sad and pathetic. I would expect that from the Coasties or the Air Force but the Marines wooowww!!!! How embarassing. What a Dam Shame (disgraceful)……

  48. There are differences in every job in the Corps and every one of them is important. Combat Marines have every reason to be proud, but you are in the Marine CORPS! A brotherhood, a group, a family. Stop trashing your brothers in arms over what amounts to a childish pissing match.

    There are plenty of videos from line companies in their ‘downtime’ doing equally inane stuff.

    Every Marine has earned the right to be where they are and do what they do AND the right to be a Marine.

    All those who are bitching about ‘my taxes pay for this crap…’ need to take a look at your day and tell me that you are 100% focused every second on exactly your job and nothing but. BS. Humans need downtime and it takes different forms – stop being so judgemental and simplistic.

    This video does not disgrace the Marines. The Russians (though the poster forgets that we’re not at war with Russia??) are laughing when the watch it – sure. We can watch their videos of the same things and laugh back. Jeez.

    What’s truly sad about this for me is the ease with which some Marines trash their fellow Marines. We are a successful Corps because we’re ONE. Each of us is an individual and is accepting of differences and quirks of their fellows because the strength is in the whole.

    You want defeat on, in front of, or behind the battlefield? Let this kind of hate and useless disgust eat you and the brotherhood up and spit you out as vulnerable individuals.

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  51. These people have too much time on their hands. I did 4 combat deployments and was medically retired. my first deployment was the invasion and my down time consisted of sleeping in a hole i dug, getting gear ready, or eating. my second deployment was 4 months later to afghanistan and my down time consisted of pretty much the same exact thing except for the fact that i was not freezing my arse off on top of a mountain. my last two deployments to iraq had way better sleeping accommodations because i actually got to sleep inside a building but my down time remained about the same. i got gear ready, i slept 4 hours, i ate some chow, we got together and planned out the day. if you have time to do crap like this then who is taking up the slack. theres always something to get done and saying crap like oh it can wait till later is complacency. i miss being in the Marines but i dont miss how its gotten a lot more relaxed about stupid crap like this. Semper Fi to the Combat arms guys (you know who you are). and to think they wonder why we call them Fobbits lmao

  52. In respect to everyone who has commented. It is quite possible that two of the Marines in the video were killed in the Sept 15th attack. It doesn’t matter Grunt or POG, all are in harms way even on a “cushy” base with all the amenities. No one stateside would want to do their job.

    I respect everyone who serves, some pull infantry, some pull supply to support those on the ground, but everyone has a job that is critical to the success. Not everyone can be a grunt of have an 03 MOS. But if everyone was a grunt who would fix the tanks, fly the choppers, fuel the choppers and arrange for travel to get you back home to your families.

    That I pray happens, everyone gets home, but not everyone does.

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