Marine Barracks Washington completes ‘MuscleFest’


On Monday, Marines stationed at Marine Barracks Washington 8th & I, competed in MuscleFest, the sixth event of the 2012 Commanders Cup. Events are designed to promote diverse forms of physical fitness and athletic competition. The series includes events ranging from indoor rock climbing to an urban challenge to the ‘Raging Rhino’, an alternating combination of running and swimming.

MuscleFest competitors focused on heavy lifting and functional fitness. Marines had to bench-press half their body weight in two minutes, push a 2.25 ton pickup truck 40 yards for time, flip a 100-pound tire 40 yards, pull a 90-pound sled 40 yards with a rope and complete a series of heavy dumbbell exercises. Four events remain this year, including the completion of the Marine Corps Marathon in late October.

Staff Sgt. Noel Min, assistant protocol chief, lifts a 2.25-ton, pickup truck during MuscleFest at Marine Barracks Washington July 30. (Photo by Cpl. Mondo Lescaud)


Competitors pulled a 90-pound sled 40 yards with a rope for time. (Photo by Cpl. Mondo Lescaud)


Lance Cpl. Danny Thomas completes the “iron cross” challenge. (Photo by Cpl. Mondo Lescaud)


Lance Cpl. John Hartley carries two 120-pound dumbbells during MuscleFest. (Photo by Cpl. Mondo Lescaud)



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