“Cribs” — Marine Corps-style


If you’ve always wanted to see how the commandant lives, here’s your chance.

The Commandant’s House was opened to the public this past weekend as part of the Fall Festival at Marine Barracks Washington, D.C. After passing through a metal detector, guests could spend about an hour wandering the three floors of Gen. and Mrs. Jim Amos’ home.

Two rooms were off limits — the commandant’s office and bedroom. But the doors were still open for a peek, the rooms were just roped off so no one could enter. The Marine leading the tour said it was because people have laid in the commandant’s bed to snap photos in the past.

The house is beautiful and filled with many interesting items. Marines’ portraits fill the walls and the commandant has a panoramic view of the barracks from his balcony.

My favorite part: Tie between Mark Twain’s signature on a tapestry showing he once visited the house or the bathroom paper towels that were each stamped with a gold eagle, globe and anchor.




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