‘Terminal Lance’ Tuesdays: ‘Master Chief’ by request — and the moto Marine’s million-pushups challenge


When we launched Terminal Lance Tuesdays last month, a fair number of readers posted feedback saying what a great idea it is to showcase online some of the strips creator Max Uriarte has made exclusively for Marine Corps Times. (All of the credit for this goes to Max, by the way, who was relentless persistent in nudging me to create a forum on our website to display his work.) Among the first to weigh in was Trevor, an obvious Marine Corps Times reader and fan of Terminal Lance, who told us “I have been dying to show my ‘Halo’ fan son the strip that featured Master Chief.”

Here it is Trevor. “Every Time” first appeared in print earlier this year, in the Marine Corps Times dated Feb. 6:

“Every Time,” original pub date Feb. 6, 2012
(Artwork by Maximilian Uriarte)

“I promise you,” Max said when he submitted this strip, “this goes through every Marine’s head any time someone from the Navy mentions their ‘Master Chief.’ ”

On a completely unrelated note: While leafing through the Feb. 6 issue, I came across one of my absolute favorite Marine Corps stories of 2012: the one-year-one-million-pushups guy.

Sgt. Enrique Treviño

As you’ll recall, Sgt. Enrique Treviño is raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. When I first described his endeavor to my fellow editors, and we did some back-of-the-envelope math, most folks concluded that this well-intentioned, highly motivated Marine didn’t stand a chance of reaching his goal. After all, to achieve it, Treviño would have to average nealry 2,740 pushups a day. That’s 114 every hour!!! Treviño spoke to OffDuty back in July when he was around the halfway mark.

Dude is proving us wrong. With three months to go, he’s surpassed 756,000, according to the most recent update on his Facebook page. Let’s say he makes it to 1 million by Dec. 31: How should the Corps recognize the accomplishment?



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  1. “shouldn’t give him a NAM”, what?!

    This guy is going above and beyond the call of duty as a Marine, he was even featured on Fox & Friends. The positive publicity the Corps is getting from this is immeasurable.

    I just can’t believe that the Corps is not helping this guy get attention and raise money for a good cause. I’m sure there’s some BS reg that says they can’t. I work for the Fed Gov and I tried to get his story published on our intranet, but I was told that since it doesn’t directly affect someone from out agency that they couldn’t do it.

    I say give him a NAM and whatever else they can. I’ve seen guys get a NAM for doing much less!!!!!!

  2. fun run and three consecutive forced family fun days that all have pft’s in the morning and cft’s in the evening. followed by two Weeks of day long police calls and night firewatches with unloaded weapons. if that doesn’t fix the motivator… nothing will. aye sir

  3. NAM would be OK. They give NAM’s out for a lot of things. It won’t have a “V” on it like the ones given in combat so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

  4. At this point in his career a NAM probably won’t mean as much to him as the USMC helping contribute to his cause. He is obviously not doing this for himself, so I say sure, hold a ceremony in his honor, but make some kind of contribution/commitment to the Wounded Warriors and name it after him. Maybe, every year have a million push ups in one day (Marine Corps wide) and name it the Trevino event. Something like that….

  5. Andrew Reeves on

    As much as I loathed any extra PT when I was in, I think Robert Suter has it right. I would never complain about doing a few push-ups to show the support of Sgt Treviño and his efforts for the Wounded Warriors! I believe that comment needs to be ran up the chain and approved!

  6. You want to know what they should do, Give his unit a 120, and let them have a good time and honor their fallen. If you ask me if you want to make any disgruntled marine happy give him a fucking day off and don’t force him to do shit he don’t want to do like those stupid MANDATORY FAMILY FUN DAYS.

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