‘Terminal Lance’ Tuesdays: Talking birds and sensitivity over the term ‘Devil Dog’


It’s Tuesday, and time once more to raid Marine Corps Times’ “Terminal Lance” archive. This week, we showcase another panel of wit from TL creator Max Uriarte. “Wildlife at the School of Infantry” first appeared in the April 11, 2011, issue.

“Wildlife at the School of Infantry.” Original pub date: April 11, 2011
(Artwork by Maximilian Uriarte)

Aside from all the “Sesame Street” silliness dominating our country’s political discussion of late, I find the notion of talking birds downright hilarious — particularly those, like this filthy crow in Max’s strip, who seem utterly nonplussed unfazed when confronted by humans. There is, for instance, a laughing seagull in one episode of “The Family Guy” who makes me crack up every time I catch the re-run on Cartoon Network.

See here:


What amuses me about Max’s SOI strip is that nasty old crow calling the Marine “devil” — as if to say “Hey, buddy, I am familiar with your lingo — even though I’m an outsider here … and a crow.” Heh. But that got me wondering about a story Marine Corps Times reported way back in 2008, which detailed how the term “Devil Dog” had fallen out of favor with some younger Marines who found the term offensive when spoken at a certain volume, with a certain tone and/or to emphasize a certain point. Is this still an issue — or is everyone over it?


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  1. Most every time we here it, it’s from a higher ranking individual who is scolding us for whatever reason. It’s not used in the old-fashioned way at all anymore. They taught us how the name was one of endearment, then proceed to only use it when we’re in trouble. I don’t think it means the same thing to us as it did to Marines in earlier generations.

  2. First off, I fucking love the fact that (it seems like, I’ve never seen this before) I have to answer a simple math question before I can submit a comment. How ingenious. Anyway, if anyone is getting butt hurt over being addressed by probably the most badass of all Marine Corps accolades, however sarcastic or patronizing it may be, they probably shouldn’t fucking be there. Case closed.

  3. To the Above Comment on

    In their defense, DD’ing somebody is really fucking gay. Almost as much as trying to score free drinks with a challenge coin, which still ranks as #1 in gay-ass traditions that Marines have ruined.

  4. no one is getting butt hurt, the point is that because of its usage it no longer conveys “the most bad ass of Marine Corps accolades” its more akin to saying “hey Jerkoff” or “look here dipshit” especially since you cant use these loving monikers in the kinder gentler Marine Corps. besides all of that-most of the people that are openly yelling it are, in fact, jerkoffs that more than likely got promoted just because they stuck around long enough

  5. Devil dogging is extremely gay, challenge coining is gay and I find 9 times out of 10 it’s always some POGly NCO who’s responsible for ruining it through their repeated, unwelcome contributions.

  6. If it’s such a fucking honor, why have I never heard a LCPL call an NCO or staff NCO “devil dog”?? They would shit bricks

  7. Anyone who takes issue with being called a Devil Dog, wheather they be a PFC, a Sergeant Major or pick your Brasshole rank, is a cuntified fucktard, with an acute case of vaginitious! And should quickly go suck-start an M4 ASAP!

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