Tell us: Who would you invite to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball?


Marine Corps Times wants to hear from you. If you could bring anyone to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, who would it be and why?

Help us test out a new reporting tool to interact directly with you. It’s called Intervue.Me and it was recently acquired by Apple. It allows us to ask all of you a question that you can answer directly by turning on your webcam and hitting record.

To kick it off, we want to know this: If there is anyone that you could ask to accompany you to the 237th annual birthday ball, who would it be, and why?

Click here to record your response:

Your answer could turn up in a video montage of Marines’ responses that we’ll put on our website before the birthday ball. Please just be sure to keep it short, keep it clean and include three easy things in your response:

  • Your name, rank and duty station

Last year, Sgt. Scott Moore’s 19 second video landed him a date with Mila Kunis and Cpl. Kelsey de Santis got to go with Justin Timberlake. So famous or not — tell us who you want to bring and why.




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  1. Grandle Starling on

    I would invite my son, and all of the other Marines who have died since the beginning of Desert Storm protecting and serving our country.

  2. I would invite Chesty. So he can give his insight on how to make the best better. Not some undeserving celebrity. Just because you’re on television or in movies or a singer does not make you entitled to anything.

  3. I would bring my mom… I father didn’t get a chance during his time and unfortunately I didn’t during mine either…t

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